Month: March 2019

I Am Expressing Myself Better

I Am Expressing Myself Better Confidence Expressing Self

When my husband advised me to do the energetic cage, I really didn’t feel I needed to do it. However, after doing the energetic cage release, I felt better as I was able to express myself much better. By expressing myself, I am no longer keeping all this emotions in me and allowing them to well up again. Besides that, I noticed that I am a lot calmer, as I do not rush through things and most importantly, I interact better with my kids as I am more patient. Stephanie Chung

Sceptic Changed Her Life

Sceptic Changed Her Life Skeptic

You have no idea how sceptical I was about Energetic Cage Release therapy! I even strongly disapproved my friend from getting involved with such alternative healing. I guess I was just ignorant and until now… I don’t really understand how it works but it works! Dhennver can explain the concepts about the therapy better than anyone else. I bet you won’t be able to understand it after either. Anyway, doing the 5 sessions changed my life! Seriously, best investment on myself. Firstly, the liberation and the feeling of happiness from within that I didn’t know I had. I am now […]

Grandson Suffers From Slow Learning

Grandson Suffers From Slow Learning

At 2 years old, my grandson could hardly mutter a word. My son was getting worried as he seem to be slow at learning and his speech development is delayed. It was challenging for me as I restrained myself from interfering with his family affairs too much. Nevertheless, as Dhennver has healed me so much, I knew Dhennver would be able to help my grandson too. I knew my son was skeptical and was not going to allow me to get Dhennver’s help. However, my son’s concern began to escalate as the symptoms mirrored that of autism. My son was […]

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