I Regained My Sudden Hearing Loss

Hearing loss

How I came to know about ECR was that I had inexplicably lost my hearing on my right side after a particularly strenuous workout gym session. After doing all the medical checkups and treatments with no positive outcome or outlook, I was advised by trusted loved ones to do this therapy. I came in with an open mindset and boy, was I blown away. Improvements was immediately felt after the first session and continued throughout the course. I was under intense stress during this period due to work, personal and family reasons and the body just gave way. As a scientific person, this is hard to explain empirically so I will just share my personal experience and understanding that my stresses were stripped away layer by layer and together with Hui Ling’s healing treatment, my hearing gradually came back to a large degree.

So the therapy has been a life changing experience that has allowed me to free myself from a negative weight anchoring my ability to move forward in an accepting and positive manner. It has further helped me to understand myself better and explain why I do the things I do and hence, more importantly, it encourages me to make proactive and positive changes.

Now, don’t expect miracles right away because they have armed you with the tools and the direction (the choices are still yours to make), but take what you have learnt and be emboldened to make those changes with the knowledge and support they have unselfishly given. I will be forever indebted to both Dhennver and Hui Ling.

Clifford Tan
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