Alternative Healing Practitioner Aims For Complete Transformation

Transformation coach alternative healing practitionerHi, I am Dhennver Ng, Alternative Healing Practitioner, Transformation Coach and Founder at TipTopYou.
Graduated with a Pharmacy Degree and Masters in Business Administration, I spent many years building a very progressive career in a multinational US based pharmaceutical company. In year 2000, at the height of my career, my world came crashing down when the doctor told me that I have leukemia.
All of a sudden, I realised that western medicine didn’t have all the answers to my health problems. What was even more intriguing was that I couldn’t understand why I had leukemia when there was never family history of it.

Seeking Alternative Healing?

Many of my clients similarly seek my help as they not only wanted effective and permanent results, they also wanted answers to their condition and problems. 
Hundreds of clients has trusted me with their healing, as being a pharmacist, I understand the importance of professionalism. Having a broad understanding to alternative healing modalities and western medicine, as an Alternative Healing Practitioner, I am able to help my clients understand their treatment options. 

Energy Healing

My primary healing modalities are based on energy healing. As an Alternative Healing Practitioner, I work with various modalities like BQRT, Wellness Medical Qigong, EFT, Life Vault, Energetic Cage Release, White Light Healing, Soul Mind & Body Flow Healing, Chakra Balancing and Origin Point Therapy.
For some, the term energy healing may be new but you may have heard of 
Energy healing encompass a very broad spectrum of modalities and often it is very abstract for most to understand. 

Target The Root Cause

When I first got to know energy healing, it was very fascinating as it didn’t work on the physical level like western medicine. Therefore, it doesn’t interfere with your existing therapy. 
What’s most interesting with modalities like BQRT and Energetic Cage Release is that is doesn’t only restore the energy imbalances but it targets the root causes that stems from our subconscious mind

Mental Health

What’s interesting is to see my practice evolve as I initially began helping people with physical health issues to now being heavily focused on mental health too. Most of us has so much stress and emotional baggage and we don’t even realise how it is affecting us.

You may have believes like me. Before embarking on this journey, I assumed that our emotional state has little relevance to our physical being. However, it is now evident that it is far from the truth… our emotions affects every aspects of our life, not just health but also relationships, wealth and career.

Enlightened Soul

Your soul has a purpose, a truth, a vision, and a way of perfect self-expression. Heal the wounds blocking you from listening to your soul. Live in integrity with who you are, at the core. 

Ultimately, weather you are wanting to resolve a physical health or mental health issue. It’s true cause is found at the soul’s level. 

My Aim

My aim for every client is total transformation in every aspect of their life. Hence, for clients who does the Energetic Cage Release therapy, as an Transformation Coach, not only do I provide them customised insights to their situation, I also empower them to get reconnected to their intuitions and to sharing with them the application of Law of Attraction to ensure complete transformation.

My Gurus

Ajahn brahmAjahn Brahm is world reknown British-Australian Theravada Buddhist monk. I have been attending meditation retreats with him since 2006.

Master ck tanMaster Tan Choon Kiang created the InnerQi Life System which has helped his clients achieve maximum health, wealth, success and happiness. His signature seminar, Unleash Your InnerQi Intensive has received great testimonies from its participants.

Grand master tan soo kongGrandmaster Tan Soo Kong provides treatment services and conducts Qigong training for general health and self-healing. He also provides specialised training for those who aspire to become professional medical Qigong practitioners.

James leongJames Leong International is Asia’s leading centre for Business Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Psychology of the Enneagram

Jeffrey slayterJeffrey Slayter has over 15 years experience, transforming the lives of more than a million people, his goal is to help leaders scale their businesses to the next level by maximising their potential to sell one on one and from stage.

Benjamin j harveyBenjamin J. Harvey is a multi best-selling author and Difference Maker.

In 2009 he founded Authentic Education with business partner Cham Tang, to help people just like you to live a rich life. As a result Authentic Education went on to achieve something that has never been done before in the history of personal development.

They received the BRW Fast Starters Award in 2013 and then backed it up in 2015 by being named in the BRW Fast 100 as the 38th fastest growing company in Australia.

In his pursuit to assist people like you in finding the answers to life’s most intriguing questions, Benjamin J Harvey has studied the psychology of empowerment for over 10 years.

Want To Know More?

You have been seeking for Answers and Solutions to your problems. Allow me to give you some insights.

What Does My Clients Say...

Dhennver is an excellent facilitator. He is a very positive presence, he is empathic and a great listener. He doesn’t judge. He is very calming and I enjoy my BQRT sessions with him— he is not mystical about the process and the sessions are there to identify the issues and dissipate them in a practical manner. I do recommend him wholeheartedly.
I know that Dhennver’s healing sounds very abstract and not easily understood, yet it works! He has helped many kids with development issues and one should seriously consider.
I am now practicing both physical and mental detox and I believe this will make me a healthier and better, more compassionate person. Thanks again Dhennver, from the bottom of my heart.
I really want to thank Dhennver for the job that he has done to release my energetic cage. I can feel like now I am a different person. Wow… this is something I have been looking for all this while.

So I really want all those who is listening to me now, to contact Dhennver, he has done a fantastic job to improve my life.
I want to thank you Dhennver for giving me pain free days!
After second session, I felt my body was light and I could focus better. It’s amazing experience and I am looking forward to learning BQRT more. Thanks Dhennver for your help.
I can’t thank Dhennver enough for this life changing experience. He never fail to be positive and provide suggestion in any matters. I would highly recommend to every homemaker to have faith in Dhennver and his BQRT which can help ourselves to be appreciated and have a satisfactory life.
For those wanting to try, do keep an open mind and you’ll soon see results. My only regret is that I had not known about Dhennver much sooner! I have since recommended him to a friend and he has also experienced great change in his life. Give a session a shot—there’s nothing to lose except all the hangups and worries you are experiencing now.
When the UPSR results announcement came, my daughter scored 7As!
I am taking this opportunity to thank Dhennver as well as BQRT for doing such a good job.
Thank you Dhennver. If you have any phobia and fear, I believe BQRT will help.
I am truly appreciative of Dhennver having shown me, and helped me cure my skin disorder using, the power of energy healing through BQRT.
I have not felt any soreness since then. I would like to thank Dhennver for bringing BQRT into my attention and I hope others would give it a try too!
I am glad that Dhennver did that release for me, I thank him and I do recommend if anyone who’d like to do the release, please look for Dhennver. He did a good job.

Other Topics Of Interest

Some healers uses this technique to accurately retrieve answers from patients’ subconscious mind.

Effectively for problems ranging from physical symptoms to chronic health, emotional to behavioural

Energetic Cage affects your believes, decision making, behaviours that eventually produces stress and emotional baggages.

Your mental and physical health could be due to “Blocked Qi” ie. life events that is intense or unprocessed.

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