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Alternative mental health services

If mental health has so much to do with how we feel, then why should it be referred to the ‘mind’ when we feel from our ‘heart’? After all, when you feel love, you feel it in your heart not your brains, right? Perhaps people suffering from anxiety has lots of noise from their thoughts constantly drumming in their minds?

As a pharmacist, I know that the medications used by psychiatrists to treat anxiety and depression targets the receptors in our brains. It basically numbs us and prevents us from reacting to our environment.

Alternative Healing That Targets Root Of Mental Health

However, if you wish to address the root cause of how you are feeling, you need to work on your ‘heart’. As an Alternative Healing Practitioner, our unique mind-body healing techniques helps you release all these hidden emotions quickly and effectively.

Mental health is about striking a balance between dealing with the difficulties in life and leveraging the opportunities life presents for our growth and development. According the World Health Organisation, mental health is a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his/ her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.

How To Maintain Good Mental Health?

There are so many resources that deals with our physical health like gyms and exercise programs, weight loss programs and nutritional supplements. We take prompt actions to avoid infections and injuries. Yet, how many of us do any or enough to maintain good mental health?

Yeah sure, meditation is great for mental health. Nevertheless, when you have all these emotions welled up in you, it’s quite challenging to tame that monkey mind.

Consequences Of Neglecting Mental Health

The impact of mental health to our overall well-being is often so under estimated. In fact, up to about 85% of our physical health issues are often associated with mental health. In fact, it affects our behaviours and results in poor lifestyle choices like handphone addiction, alcohol and drug abuse, poor diet and obesity are all symptoms of mental health issues.

Are You Avoiding Professional Help?

You may have just an uneasy feeling of anxiousness or disabling emotions of depression, we can release these emotions in minutes! Mental health is more than just the absence of mental illness and it affects many other aspects of our lives. There is so much stigma to visiting a psychiatrist and psychologist, most people avoid seeking help until desperation sets in.

Why ignore it when you can now deal with it alternatively and easily?

How Do We Help with Mental Health?

Blocked Qi Healing (BQRT) and Energetic Cage Release Therapy are New Age Mind-Body Alternative Healing techniques that simply retrieves hidden messages in your subconscious mind. These are insightful hidden emotional messages that are unprocessed or intense (most clients are shock by what the subconscious remembers). A skilled practitioner uses Applied Kinesiology with a series of specialised questions to reveal these hidden messages or Blocked Qi (In case you are wondering, you are not hypnotised and you are completely conscious). The practitioner then uses the power of intend to flush these disempowering energy from your system. Releasing these blocked qi, clears the emotional baggages in you that allows you to cope effectively.

These therapies can be done via remote or distant healing too. So, if you are not close by… You can still achieve the same life changing transformations.

Why ignore it when you can now deal with it alternatively and easily?

Does It Work?

Most of our clients are usually skeptical at first. However, as you can see from a survey with our clients up to 80% felt emotionally lighter after the session.

Alternative healing emotionally lighter

Will This Alternative Healing Benefit You?

You have been seeking for Answers and Solutions to your problems. It’s probably not an accident that you are seeing this alternative healing.

You might forget to come back!

Client Testimonies

Before the therapy, I was feeling down and felt quite lost.
"I was tired, lethargic and felt like fainting. I felt very anxious as well. My blood pressure and pulse rate were quite high (blood pressure was around 140 -150/ 85 – 95;
On the first day of the therapy session, my pressure and pulse rate dropped (blood pressure around 110 – 120/ 75 – 80; pulse rate was 90 – 99) ~ without any medication."
Have Not Felt Anxiety And Fear Easily Anymore
"It was my first time hearing about BQRT. After reading up from Dhennver’s FB, I was keen to try to release my frequent anxiety and fear feelings. The first time I attended the session, I felt my head was having a light feeling half way through. After that, I have not felt anxiety and fear easily anymore. After second session, I felt my body was light and I could focus better. It’s amazing experience and I am looking forward to learning BQRT more. Thanks Dhennver for your help."
I Was A Wreck, Spiralling Down Into Depression
"They also guided me on other methods of healing and I am now so much happier, “almost worry free'” and able to manage my anxiety calmly (I sometimes forget and they both remind and guides me regularly). It is very difficult to explain how ECR works but we are surrounded by energy and sometimes negative or dense energy prevent us from being our best self or being healthy."
I Have Tried Many Other New Age Sessions But None Has Been Able To Help Me Make This Quick Turnaround​
"Dhennver has really helped me greatly in effectively turning my stress and anxiety about work and relationships around. I came to him almost as a last resort—I’d had devastating news about a relationship and I was experiencing great pain in my stomach region due to stress."
My Life Changed Over Night​​
"After the sessions, I felt lighter, happier, full of positivity and a reason for being. The old saying ' you can't change others but you can change yourself ' is so true! I saw things in a different light, my face was more radiant and most of all, I regained my self worth. I wished that I knew about ECR so much more earlier!"
15 Years Old Overcomes Social Challenges​
"After the change, I've mixed more with friends, joined a great club and my social circle has expanded to such a great length I never knew it could. Now, all these weird people I've met before, I can accept them now!"
The Emotional Journey Of A Senior Sales Director​
"helped me undergo a massive release of my emotional pains that was burdening on my shoulders for the past 10 plus years of unhappiness. What a relief it had been! I felt immensely lighter, and could see clearer. I remember giving myself a toast to a new life after the 3rd day."

Other Topics Of Interest

Your mental and physical health could be due to “Blocked Qi” ie. life events that is intense or unprocessed.

Effectively for problems ranging from physical symptoms to chronic health, emotional to behavioural

Some healers uses this technique to accurately retrieve answers from patients’ subconscious mind.

By correcting energetic imbalances, the physical and organic malfunctions are automatically restored.

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