Effects Of Stress

The Effects Of Stress Is The
Emotional Root To Health Issues

Effects of stress

We all know that the effects of stress is one of the main cause of many of our health problems. Initially, it may not be immediately apparent but it is. I learnt about it the hard way when I was diagnosed with leukaemia.

So why does stress have effects on our health?

It’s important to firstly understand that stress is basically a result of an emotional event or circumstance. I don’t think you can have stress if you live an uneventful life in a cave far away from civilisation, right?

Of course, I am not advocating that you do that either. An uneventful life is probably not worth living anyway, right?

Effects Of Stress From Events

Nevertheless, if something happens in your life that you have to learn to deal with it… the effects of stress will creep in one way or another. These events can be positive or negative. Which means positive events such as buying a house, getting married, going to college, having a baby or receiving a promotion also have effects of stress. I know this as I have found this with many of my clients with Blocked Qi Healing (BQRT).

Besides that, not all stress is caused by external factors. Stress can and often is self-generated or internal. Hence, if you were living alone in that cave and started imaging tigers lurking around you, that imagination will inflict the same amount of stress. This can also happen in our jobs that may result in chronic stress.

Effect Of Stress On Our Health

This is all relevant as the effects of stress has an emotional root.

According to the oldest medical text, Huang Di Nei Jing, “all kinds of diseases are caused by disorder of qi. This disorder of qi movement is disturbed by extreme changes in emotions.”

Hence, the most important effects of stress is on the energetic nature of our body. It affects our well being as it interrupts the flow of qi or vital energy in our body.

Vital energy or qi is the basis of our well being as

  • energy makes up atoms
  • these atoms makes up molecules
  • these molecules makes up cells
  • these cells makes up tissues
  • these tissues makes up organs
  • these organs makes up our body

Studies from the Institute of HeartMath  Research Centre demonstrated that…

  • Your heart emits electromagnetic fields that changes according to your emotions
  • The heart’s energetic aura is always pulsating out and affecting our environment.
  • This energetic field can be read and felt by other people’s brains and hearts.
  • The intuitive energetic heart is what people often call their inner voice. Everyone has it!

Symptoms Of Energy Disharmony

Therefore, when qi flow is disrupted or there is energy disharmony due to stress or emotions. Symptoms are varied including:

  • Painful stiff neck
  • Sleeping problems
  • Joint pains
  • Feeling depressed or sad
  • Frequently feeling anxious or getting panic attacks
  • Mood swings and easily irritable
  • Over indulging in food and many more!

I hope we all get to live life to the fullest, however, we do not need to allow emotional burdens affect our well-being. Regularly releasing any of these emotional baggage will improve your stress symptoms and prevent long term complications. Many of my clients feel lighter as these burdens are removed from their system with BQRT.

Clients Testimonies

Feeling Down And Lost
"I was tired, lethargic and felt like fainting. I felt very anxious as well. My blood pressure and pulse rate were quite high (blood pressure was around 140 -150/ 85 – 95; Pulse rate was 115 – 120 in average)."
My Life A Melting Point
"​I was so frustrated that I could burst into anger fits and fights if triggered even the slightest. Through a desperate process of repairing both my body and soul."
Effects of stress
I Was Experiencing Stress, Skin Problems and Bodily Aches and Pains
"They made me realise that emotional baggages that we have been carrying for years can drastically affect and take a big toll on our physical and mental health status."
Effects of stress

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