Coaching To Identify Your Limiting Beliefs And Release Them

Enlightened Soul Transformation Coaching: To Identify Your Limiting Beliefs And Releasing Them, Achieving Your True Potential

Coaching release limiting beliefs

To most, a coach provides advice, solutions and answers. However, that definition is not entirely accurate because effective coaching is structured to help people build their own answers from their own resources. We are all talented uniquely different individuals and to achieve the success and happiness we desire, we need to be aware of these gifts and how to leverage on them well. The secret is that all these information are available at the soul level and it’s about learning how to get into alignment of it.

I am passionate about coaching because it took me a long time to figure out myself, my talents and to live my life with purpose. I have met and know that there are many people who can feel it in their heart that there is something more in life, that there is greatness in themselves. My entire journey has led me to this point in helping people find their purpose and lead a successful life.

How Will Coaching Help You?

Results coach
The 8 Week Results Breakthrough coaching program is guaranteed to transform your life by
  • Understanding yourself and your desires
  • Turning your desires to actions
  • Permanently rewire your brains for results
  • Understanding your deepest motivations and how it sabotages or empowers you
  • Learning how to listen to your intuition and trust it
  • Truly learn how to apply law of attraction effectively
  • Release and remove limiting beliefs that is screwing up your mind

Release Your Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever felt the drive and motivation to accomplish something but you are met by this overwhelming resistance to put support actions to achieve it? 

Where is this fear and anxiety coming from? 

Quite likely, there are some limiting beliefs that you have unconsciously adopted. Some of the common limiting beliefs are:

  • You need to work hard to earn more
  • You cannot have everything, it’s either this or that
  • You need to do what people like for people to like you

However, they are hidden and not known to us. Having a coach helps you see what you are not and I have a unique method that instantly releases these limiting beliefs and liberates you to create your desired results. 

Coaching Is Not Complete Without Healing

It maybe somewhat unusual to talk about the soul around this topic of coaching. However, as an alternative practitioner as well, I have realised how so many of us are frustrated in life or suffering as we get disconnected with our higher self or soul.

For example,

  • If you are feeling you are suffering from depression, in most cases, you have an idea of the future that you are in conflict with at the present moment.
  • If you are suffering from anxiety, you are overthinking/ anticipating the future and not being in the present moment.

Therefore, besides healing people, most people need help in realising what their desired results is and to learn how to be in the present moment focusing on actions that is creating their future is going to create not just massive transformation and deliver a holistic approach in your total wellbeing.

Doing the Energetic Cage Release is one of the most important first steps that allows you to immediately reconnect to your soul and be the intuitive person you are meant to be. Nevertheless, most of us has adopted so many limiting beliefs and coach is going to help you realise the limiting beliefs that are messing you up and to redesign your life according to the new definition of who you are.

Law of Attraction

Achieving your desired goals doesn’t have to be difficult. If you know you can attract anything you want in life as long as you know the secret of applying the law of attraction?

However, most people perceive that law of attraction is all about thinking positive, and have dreams. Well, at least that was what I was lead to practice initially but results were far from acceptable until I really understood and mastered how to make it work for me.

Learning about your purpose and having action plans is one thing. However, nothing beats knowing how to apply law of attraction to effortlessly manifest all the results you desire!


Why Coach with Me?

Transformation coach alternative healing practitionerI realised my purpose and calling to be an alternative healing practitioner and left my progressive full time corporate job more than 4 years ago. However, I have always known that my bigger calling is not just to do healing for people but to help people transform their lives and be the Enligthened Soul filled with happiness, peace and success.

So it didn’t come as a surprised for me to realised my calling to pursue coaching. This allows me to bring TipTopYou to a greater dimension of transforming peoples life by helping them discover their purpose and ensuring people drive towards their true path.
Besides, clients who has worked with me, would realise how the intuitive gift I have gives them all the reassurance of charging forward in life.

What To Expect? (Here's Feedback From Clients...)

Unexpectedly Nailed The Answer I Have Long Been Searching For

Hi, my name is Adeline, a trained pharmacist. Before I began my coaching sessions with Dhennver, I felt there is something missing in my career path despite being in the healthcare sector for many years. I know I have a potential that has yet to be revealed and that sparks joy in me. But, I am clueless on what to do, and needless to say, where to begin.

My first session with Dhennver was totally an eye-opener. He guided through the various processes, and coupled with his intuitive ability, my distorted views began to diminish. The tool on future belonging is very powerful. It unexpectedly nailed the answer I have long been searching for along my career path, instantly! If not for the experience personally, I wouldn’t have believed just a brief guided visualisation segment can bring such remarkable outcome.

Thankfully, I met Dhennver who brought me back right on track as I head towards my goal. Thank you Dhennver!

So it didn’t come as a surprised for me to realised my calling to pursue coaching. This allows me to bring TipTopYou to a greater dimension of transforming peoples life by helping them discover their purpose and ensuring people drive towards their true path. Besides, clients who has worked with me, would realise how the intuitive gift I have gives them all the reassurance of charging forward in life.

Medical intuitive testimony

Structured Process To See And Assess My Life

My name is Clifford Tan and I’m currently in a transitionary period, trying to find a new and meaningful direction in my career and life.

During the past few years, I noticed I have been repeating certain patterns resulting in similar negative outcomes.

The first session in this coaching program was very effective in extracting out from within myself some of my hidden desires and intentions. There was a structured process that enabled me to see and assess where I am in my life. Subsequently, this process made me understand that my current path had somehow deviated from what I truly wanted to do, and if I persisted with it, would lead me down the same path that I seemed to be trapped in.

A lot of work still needs to be done but I am confident that I have a clearer view of what I should be prioritizing and to realign my conscious with my sub-conscious.

I definitely recommend anyone who seeks further clarification about their lives to consider going through this program. What I appreciate most about this program is that you are led to seek your own realizations and answers. Through the process, I had an awakening of sorts, about what I really wanted to do or achieve in this life and while I think I always knew, somehow this truth was submerged in a life off tangent.

Clifford Tan

Many Aha Moments

Hi, my name is Zing Teo. I am a global online franchise owner.

Before I met Dhennver for the Breakthrough Results Coaching, I had goals, but I procrastinate a lot. I have the vision board in front of my work-desk, each time I look at that, I just feel disappointed on myself.

During Dhennver’s coaching program, I started to have many “AHA” moments about what can I do in my life. With the process of 5X WHY and Values Track, I was surprised with my own “unconscious” answers too!
All the while, I was limiting myself to only look at my life at certain way, not allowing it for even bigger. With Dhennver’s guidance, I have clearer picture on my Goals and he kept me accountable with 3 small daily tasks.

Zt happiness
Zing Teo

Motivated To Start My Day

I enjoy this week’s activities a lot!

I enjoy the daily tasks because I able to achieve that and I do not beat myself up for not able to make it.

Before this, I did set goals but not every time working. The biggest finding is I did not have the “emotions” on it. Dhennver guided me patiently on how to set goals using SMART and I appreciate the most is Dhennver’s patiently and we draft out my goal statement together, word by word!

During the process, we worked on the ImaginAction and Affirmation on Index Card.
I been told to write on the Index Card for continuous 30days and read through throughout the days. This is really a WOW experience for me throughout the week.

With reading the Affirmation and Asking for the Guidance, I receive many messages on “ideas” on ways to reach on my goals!

And with this activity, I am motivated to start my day where before this I was not!
I strongly appreciate on this week’s activity because this help me to get a clearer picture on my goal and most importantly knowing how to get the guidance.

Zt happiness
Zing Teo

Got In Touch with My Inner Self

The fifth session today was extremely powerful.  Over the last couple of weeks, we worked on identifying and then connecting my shadow values: key values that I was not necessarily aware of but lurk in the shadows my consciousness.  We went through exercises to create and reinforce those connections.  In this session, we continued with this process but focused on the emotional blocks rather than the rational ones.

Through a guided process, we slowly journeyed to the unconscious self to discover the hidden emotions unknowingly in control of my actions, or lack thereof.  I found this exercise not only insightful but also extremely emotional as if I somehow got in touch with my inner self or intuition and gained a profound sense of understanding of why I so often behave negatively.  And more importantly, Dhennver gently showed me a path forward through my own intentions.

As a novice in these types of sessions, I struggled initially with the visualization and self-communication process.  However, Dhennver was extremely encouraging and nudged me to find my own answers within.  He was not judgmental at all and had all the tools to ensure that the goals and revelations were truthful and importantly, my own.

While the journey to effect positive change remains long, I am comforted that an awakening of sorts has emerged and look forward to continued insights and encouragements from this life-changing program.

Clifford Tan
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