Dealing with Anxiety & Frustrations During Pandemic

Anxiety frustration covid-19

Thank you for keeping me in alignment, I am grateful to be surrounded with positive vibes. Especially during this pandemic period, I felt anxiousness, failure, even frustration in my daily life and I felt like I am not getting enough sleep almost everyday.

Dhennver’s in-depth knowledge of law of attraction really makes a difference. They don’t run the workshops often but if they do, you must attend their experiential learning workshop.

Finally, I managed to get back my normal life style by shifting my perspective with the guidance from Dhennver and Hui Ling. Very good news for me, after practicing to stay in alignment, I found a new job and it’s a job I like!

Dhennver and Hui Ling is very dedicated to the healing and transformation of their clients. I benefitted so much from the both of them as I gained wisdom in knowledge, growth, compassion, self awareness and learnt how to set my life path, my higher purpose. I am grateful to have met both of you. Thank you for everything, it means a lot to me.

Even though they are running a business and for example, the initial cost of doing ECR seems expensive, they really do give more than what is paid. They have organise so many sharing sessions to help us without asking for much in return and whatever that was collected, they used it for society outreach to help those in need.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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