Dealing with Anxiety & Frustrations During Pandemic

Dealing with Anxiety & Frustrations During Pandemic anxiety frustration covid-19

Thank you for keeping me in alignment, I am grateful to be surrounded with positive vibes. Especially during this pandemic period, I felt anxiousness, failure, even frustration in my daily life and I felt like I am not getting enough sleep almost everyday. Dhennver’s in-depth knowledge of law of attraction really makes a difference. They don’t run the workshops often but if they do, you must attend their experiential learning workshop. Finally, I managed to get back my normal life style by shifting my perspective with the guidance from Dhennver and Hui Ling. Very good news for me, after practicing […]

Futures Trader Exceeding Profit Target After ECR

Futures Trader Exceeding Profit Target After ECR exceed profit targets healing

I am a futures trader who used to believed that more knowledge and experience were required to make more money.  After Energetic Cage Release (ECR), I realised that the only difference was in my mind and that abundance was my birthright. Henceforth, I have been able to achieve and exceed my profit targets consistently. Before ECR, I loathed motherhood and felt depressed because I had difficulties in connecting with my children. However, joy and happiness now fills every moment I spend with my kids. I also used to be self-centric and oblivious to my surroundings. After ECR, I have been more […]

Recovery From COVID Critical Condition

Recovery From COVID Critical Condition COVID Vaccination Critical Condition

My friend was admitted to hospital after being tested positive for Covid. Coincidentally, she has just completed 2 doses of the vaccination, but subsequently was in contact with a covid positive person and experienced symptoms. I guess her immunity was low. She was admitted to the hospital. Her body was not healing after a few days of treatment and blood started to clot. They tried to draw out her blood 4 times for tests, but couldn’t. And her stomach was not well, breathing results not reaching the average benchmark. She was suffering and could barely smile nor have any appetite. […]

The Root Of My Problems

The Root Of My Problems root of problem

I’ve been wanting to let go some unpleasant moment in the past which I couldn’t find the root of them. After ECR & Past Life Healing, I know more about myself and what is holding me back. And I have learnt the ‘why’ and ‘how to’ throughout the messages given during all the sessions. I feel thankful and grateful for guiding me through. Janice Wong

Let Go And Move On

Let Go And Move On Let Go Move On

It was a pleasant experience that comes with a solution. I have encounter couples of people telling me the problem of the past or current but there isn’t any solution given. Ended up, everything still maintain as it is and there is no improvement and no changes. This left me in a situation where by I don’t know how to face or handle the problems. With ECR, problems are being discussed and solutions were given to handle the situation for better future. Cindy

I Was A Wreck, Spiralling Down Into Depression

I Was A Wreck, Spiralling Down Into Depression Emotional Depression

Several months ago, I was spiralling down into depression with so many worries and problems, I could explode!. Nothing was going right. I was a wreck! I could not breathe. I was told of TipTopYou’s services couple of years ago but did not quite understand what it was and at that time I was in a good state of mind and never bothered to find out. A close friend who in the past year went through some dark times and had seek their services. She is now a changed person – positive, intuitive and happy. When speaking to me in […]

ECR Improved My Self-Confidence, Improved My Business

ECR Improved My Self-Confidence, Improved My Business self confidence business

It’s now about 10months since I’ve completed my Energetic Cage Release (ECR) and I am happy to share with you a number of improvements that I have noticed so far. Generally, I am feeling a lot calmer. This prevents me from reacting unnecessarily or undesirably especially in stressful situations. Perhaps people around me are benefiting from this calmer energy of mine because the energy at home is more joyful. The relationship I have with my husband and kids seems to be getting better. We are closer and I am able to express any uncomfortable feelings that I have openly with […]

Natural Healing Beyond ECR

Natural Healing Beyond ECR beyond ecr

I did the Energetic Cage Release (ECR) sessions with Dhennver and Hui Ling in Nov 2019 and completed the 5 sessions within 2 weeks. It was one of the best new year eve gift I received for year 2020. The following 6 months after completing ECR, I was taking time off for my body to heal. During this period, the gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) was slowly improving as I noticed the symptoms of throwing up was getting less and less until it finally disappeared. Now, I am able to happily enjoy my food without GERD problems. Apart from that, I […]

Plantar Fasciitis Healed

Plantar Fasciitis Healed Plantar Fasciitis Qi Gong

I developed plantar fasciitis in June 2019, after walking 20 mins every morning and evening for a month. It is a condition caused by inflammation at the ligament that connects the front of my foot to my heel. As a result, every morning when I start my first few steps it will be painful and normally I would be limping. Sometimes it also hurts as I get up from a chair after long hours. This affects my quality of life every day. Amazingly today, 2021 March, I had recovered without any medication or physiotherapy. How? By joining TipTopYou eQi Gong […]

Qi Gong: Weird But Pleased

Qi Gong: Weird But Pleased qi gong weird but pleased

It was a little weird in the beginning doing the session via zoom but I guess anything is possible with the help of the divine. I was able to concentrate in the beginning until i felt dizzy with cold sweat and very uncomfortable. I was worried that I may faint. I was quite far from the laptop and could not hear well and was wondering if I missed any instructions. The numbness in my left knee got more intense & my toes (my left knee generally feels tight most of the time after arthroscopy). Felt exhausted after session. Overall very […]

Sweating During Qi Gong

Sweating During Qi Gong testimony qi gong sweating

When Dhennver texted us about QiGong healing via zoom, we both were quite curious about this as we never try QiGong before and some more with distance.  Without much hesitant, we decided to give it a try.  When the session started, we felt the energy from our back, and warm. My body started to swing naturally; Karl got dizzy and he managed to complete the session by sitting down.  We sweat during the session, it’s really like we just done our exercise.  After the session, both us feel tired, but we do believe it is the healing taking place.  Good […]

Tension In Lower Back Gone After Qi Gong

Tension In Lower Back Gone After Qi Gong qi gong lower back

Good morning everyone. I am so grateful for the qigong session yesterday as I noticed that there is no tension on my lower back this morning even when I bend forward. The aches and pain in this area is gone. Thank you Dhennver n Hui Ling for the session🙏🙏🙏 LY

Intense Healing Energy During Qi Gong

Intense Healing Energy During Qi Gong qi gong healing lights

During the Enhanced Qi Gong via Zoom, the energy was intense but acceptable. The colours of green and purple was swirling so bright. First time , I actually felt the energy at my crown chakra pulling at my hair. Truly amazing! I also saw intricate patterns forming and then disappearing. After the session, I was yawning so much and tearing too! Thank you Dhennver and Hui Ling for this experience Kris

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