My Heartburn Was So Bad I Couldn’t Even Swallow A Teaspoon Of Water

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My heartburn was so bad i couldn’t even swallow a teaspoon of water

I was in really bad shape when I first visited TipTopYou centre as I was just hospitalised as my heartburn was so bad that I could not even swallow a teaspoon of water. Even breathing was a challenge as it was so painful as if I was having a heart attack. It was quite unbelievable that Hui Ling was able to give me so much insights of what was happening in my life that was affecting me and that it was important for me to do the Energetic Cage release.

Honestly, I was half hearted about doing it as I wasn’t really sure if I should spend that much money for the therapy. I mean seriously, how could 5 sessions do that much difference??

However, thank goodness I followed my intuition to do it! And requested to have the sessions conducted as soon as possible as I was still on MC. I honestly underestimated how the Energetic Cage Release could benefit me. I felt there was slight improvement after just the second session. And with guidance from Hui Ling, I was able to drink a glass of water without struggling as I wasn’t able to do so before. After the fifth session, I felt lighter and I was more in tune with my intuitions.

Even though my health has improved significantly after the Energetic Cage Release. However, over many months, I realised that something in my work environment was really bugging me. I tried to brush that thought a side yet I was suffocating from having to deal with it. I tried reading wisdom books, listening to sharing by successful people etc but it just gets worse. I kept telling my mind/brain to think positive and focus on work.

That was when I seek Dhennver’s advice on the issue. And Dhennver suggested to release the blocked qi related to the issue.

I felt so much relieve after the session as I felt the heaviness on my chest was lifted and I could actually breath. Besides the blocked qi release, the insights that Dhennver gave was so amazing and has so much wisdom. It really helped me shift my perspective on the challenges I was facing. Not only do I feel the relieve, but I feel so much happiness and joy from within me.

The sessions that I had in TipTopYou centre with Dhennver and Hui Ling was truly life transforming! If you have some reservations about doing the therapy, I understand how you feel but honestly it will make a lot of difference!

Karen Aw Yong

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