Boy Caused Brother To Loose 3 Fingers – Guilt Released

Boy caused brother to loose 3 fingers - guilt released
Boy caused brother to loose 3 fingers - guilt released

​Client is 35 years old and was brought to see me because he had an unusual walking posture as if he had some accident or disability.

Sometimes you can’t tell if the condition is due to blocked qi. After checking, I told the client that there was a blocked qi that happened at his age of 6 due to shocked, he answered with a tone of disbelief and shock “how did you know!?”. Tears welled up in his eyes.

That’s when I had to explain further about the process of BQRT. He then explained that at 6yo he caused his brother to loose 3 fingers (as he was describing the incident, tears was rolling down).
He has been holding that guilt throughout his life… I am so glad that we were able to detached emotions due to this event.

Our body has so many ways of demonstrating the emotional baggage we hold inside! It’s great that we are able to release them effectively with BQRT.

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