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Dog Not Eating Is A Sign Of Blocked Qi

Dog Not Eating Is A Sign Of Blocked Qi Dog not eating

My furkid Toby is an 8 month old poodle. We brought him home when he was 2 months old. He is indeed a handsome and obedient boy; also very expressive when he is happy, unhappy or sad. Of late, he stopped eating on his own. He would sit there sulking and would not eat unless we handfed him. After a while, he refused to eat even when we handfed him. During this period, I had to leave Toby at a pet boarding place as I had to travel and there was no one at home to take care of him. […]

Baby Don’t Want To Drink Milk From Bottle

Baby Don’t Want To Drink Milk From Bottle Baby don't want to drink milk from bottle

A quick search on the internet for “Baby don’t want to drink milk from bottle” will bring up a string of queries from concerning mothers. If the baby is refusing to drink from the bottle, it is causing a string of problems and inconveniences to the mother. They won’t be able to leave the baby to a child minder, the father won’t be able to help feed the baby during the night feeds and the freedom of the mother to do anything else is literally diminished! As you can see, this client of mine had the same problem. Going back […]

School Refusal in Children. Why Does It Happen?

School Refusal in Children. Why Does It Happen? School refusal in children. Why does it happen?

A significant percentage of children demonstrates behaviour of school avoidance or school refusal. Is this really a sign that the kid has some kind of mental illness as reviewed in research articles? Should parents do something about it immediately? Children experiences life like adults do and they feel the emotions due to lack of attention, sibling rivalry, body discomforts, unhappiness and social anxiety. However, they often lack the ability to comprehend and express themselves. These emotions that are unprocessed become “blocked qi” which then leads to an array of behaviour symptoms sometimes physical health manifestations too. Some of my clients […]

Mother Was So Exhausted As Toddler Was ‘Too Sticky’

Mother Was So Exhausted As Toddler Was ‘Too Sticky’ Mother was so exhausted as toddler was 'too sticky'

Some parents will appreciate this problem when their kid is somehow too attached to them. So much that you are not able to go to the toilet for even a minute peacefully. You are so tired and need some rest yet, no one else can help babysit as he/she only wants you. Though it sometimes brings us a sense of worthy and pride, yet it can be overwhelming if prolonged! This client decided to try doing Blocked Qi Healing (BQRT) for her 1 year old son. As you can see, after just a week, there is noticeable difference.

My Heartburn Was So Bad I Couldn’t Even Swallow A Teaspoon Of Water

My Heartburn Was So Bad I Couldn’t Even Swallow A Teaspoon Of Water Acute health

I was in really bad shape when I first visited TipTopYou centre as I was just hospitalised as my heartburn was so bad that I could not even swallow a teaspoon of water. Even breathing was a challenge as it was so painful as if I was having a heart attack. It was quite unbelievable that Hui Ling was able to give me so much insights of what was happening in my life that was affecting me and that it was important for me to do the Energetic Cage release. Honestly, I was half hearted about doing it as I […]

Grandson Suffers From Slow Learning

Grandson Suffers From Slow Learning Grandson suffers from slow learning

At 2 years old, my grandson could hardly mutter a word. My son was getting worried as he seem to be slow at learning and his speech development is delayed. It was challenging for me as I restrained myself from interfering with his family affairs too much. Nevertheless, as Dhennver has healed me so much, I knew Dhennver would be able to help my grandson too. I knew my son was skeptical and was not going to allow me to get Dhennver’s help. However, my son’s concern began to escalate as the symptoms mirrored that of autism. My son was […]

Mother Finally Rescued Troubled Son

Mother Finally Rescued Troubled Son Mother finally rescued troubled son

​I had various challenges with my 7 year old son, Matthew, and Dhennver had made so much difference in our life. I’m not sure where to start but I’ll just give it a try. We initially worked on issues such as temper and anger. Besides that, he has short attention and is easily distracted. Another challenge that we faced was that he was over-confident. It only took two sessions of BQRT and the improvements were very noticeable. Even his teachers were commenting on how he has transformed. He also has frequent nose bleeds, but even this has stopped after BQRT […]

Stress Causes Bloating and Stomach Wind

Stress Causes Bloating and Stomach Wind Stress causes bloating and stomach wind

Besides shoulder and neck pain, another common sign of stress is stomach symptoms like indigestion, bloating, stomach wind/ colic, reflux even gastric pain. During and after the BQRT session, the client was feeling relieved as she was burping and releasing the wind in stomach. Besides that, with BQRT, you’ll know what are the events or emotions that are contributing to your problem. This will help you manage your stress better in the future.

Shoulder Pain Gone, Too Good To Be True

Shoulder Pain Gone, Too Good To Be True Shoulder pain gone, too good to be true

I first heard about Dhennver and his BQRT from a friend, “too good to be true” was my very first thought. I had been having some minor physical problem like skin allergy & blurry eyesight, but worst of all was the neck and shoulder pain which eventually caused numbness to my whole left arm, it even disturbed my sleep. For months my stress level was very high and I woke up almost every night, felt nervous and sweated. So when my friend told me about her BQRT experience I was tempted to try, so I contacted Dhennver for therapy session. […]

Shoulder Pain Gone

It’s funny… most clients will not admit that they have stress neither will they believe that stress is the cause of their shoulder and neck pain. Well… have you noticed that it tend to be better when you are away on a relaxing holiday and it gets bad when you are rushing to submit a report? Shoulder and neck pain is one of the most common complains of corporate executives. You sometimes have not choice but to go for weekly massages to sooth that annoying pain.  Not only is it robbing your quality of life, but the weekly massage is […]

Long Suppressed Childhood Incidents Released

Long Suppressed Childhood Incidents Released Natural anxiety cure

I was in a very difficult space with relationships and it was taking a toll on my health and at work. When I first met Dhennver, I was pleasantly surprised by his openness and positivity. He immediately put me at ease. I subscribed to the energetic cage release from the get go and I’m glad I went through the process because everything negative purged itself through several sessions. I was able to recall long suppressed incidents that had stayed with me from childhood that were released with Dhennver’s help. The energetic cage release saw me slowly dissolving all my blocks […]

24 Hours Turnaround For Anxiety

I have a question… is it better to have symptoms than not when a person has anxiety? Either way… anxiety is not a pleasant experience when you constant suffer from it. This client feels knots and tensions around the abdomen when she has anxiety. With just a quick BQRT session, you can see from her message, the symptom relieve is fast! It’s not hypnotherapy It’s not acupuncture It’s not qigong It’s not reiki If you have anxiety, you don’t have to suffer from it and compromise your quality of life.

Stressed? Neck and Shoulder Pain Gone!

Stressed? Neck and Shoulder Pain Gone! Stressed? Neck and shoulder pain gone!

Shoulder and neck pain is one of the most common symptoms of stress and anxiety. Most people would resort to massages to help relieve that annoying pain. However, that relieve is often temporary. This client was wasn’t initially convinced that a simple release with BQRT would do the magic. It took a few sessions to clear all the stress bottled up in her and since she was busy, most of the sessions were done through distant healing. Finally, after only 3 sessions, you can see the amazement and relieve she had when the pain finally left her! Could it be […]

Heart Palpitations Due to Anxiety Disappeared

Heart Palpitations Due to Anxiety Disappeared Heart palpitations due to anxiety disappeared

Some of you may be able to associate with this… This client have been having the feeling of fast heart beats or heart palpitations every morning when he wakes up. This has been going on for years. After the distant healing session, he got up in the morning without having that fast heart beats. I remembered as a kid, I would sometimes get bouts of heart palpitations. I would tell my mum about it and she said it was normal, it’s ok. When I tell that to the doctors, obviously they weren’t as alarmed as I was. So I know […]

Have Not Felt Anxiety And Fear Easily Anymore

Have Not Felt Anxiety And Fear Easily Anymore Anxiety

It was my first time hearing about BQRT. After reading up from Dhennver’s FB, I was keen to try to release my frequent anxiety and fear feelings. The first time I attended the session, I felt my head was having a light feeling half way through. After that, I have not felt anxiety and fear easily anymore. After second session, I felt my body was light and I could focus better. It’s amazing experience and I am looking forward to learning BQRT more. Thanks Dhennver for your help. ​Ko Woan Chyi

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