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My Journey To Awakening…

My Journey To Awakening… Spiritual awakening

I started my healing journey with TipTopYou in Nov 2022. I was having occasional anxiety attacks, frequent irrational fears, unexplained grievances, chronic health issues, and communication issues. All of these “problems” surfaced altogether during the COVID years, I was overwhelmed, I started journaling again, I read books, I took a free course on Buddhism and Psychology, I saw a therapist, I made a conscious decision to embark on a self-healing journey at the end of 2021 to search for answers. When the universe led me to TipTopYou, I had no idea about spirituality nor energy healing, I went to the […]

Remedy To Help Reduce Teenage Suicidal?

Remedy To Help Reduce Teenage Suicidal? Remedy teenage suicidal

What worked for her is releasing all the feeling of unsupported, lack of self-love and lack of self-confidence. We also did an inner child release and to my surprise, the incident which I was involved has caused her lots of confusion for the last 10 years.

Kid Aced Exam After Clearing Exam Stress

Kid Aced Exam After Clearing Exam Stress Kid exam stress anxiety

My daughter has always been super stressed during her exams since 12. Eczema will break out in different parts of her body or insomnia or anxiety attacks during exam periods. She is 19 years old now and going through her A-levels. Before her mock exams this time, I seeked for Dhennver and Hui Ling’s help to do an ECR. The first 2 sessions I immediately saw a huge difference in my girl. She is livelier and happier and was not really stuck to her books 24 x 7. She started her mock exams right after 2 ECR sessions and one […]

Not Happy And Didn’t Have Answers

Not Happy And Didn’t Have Answers Testimony happiness aura

I was not happy in my life. I know that something was wrong somewhere but I couldn’t explain or express to others. Just look at the before and after ECR healing photos, I didn’t know why my face always seems dark in the past. After the healing, notice the radiance? Besides that, before ECR, time and time again I actually checked my aura. The charts just does not reflect what I was feeling and I knew something was missing. It’s quite amazing to see that the aura changed drastically after even the first session! I could finally see that my […]

Even Clients Are Able To See My Positiveness

Even Clients Are Able To See My Positiveness Connect with clients success

It’s now about 6months after my ECR and I have some things to share as I am suddenly realising some changes that has happened for me. In the recent two months, I hit both my monthly target that was set as a personal goal by my boss. All my colleagues told me they are very inspired by my drive and can feel the fire in me. They realise I am very persistent and consistent with whatever I am doing. Seniors or juniors in the company was complimenting my attitude and honestly, it was kind of awkward for me as I […]

More In Control Of My Life

More In Control Of My Life More in control of my life

Before the therapy I had engaged myself in way too many commitments and eventually hit burnout on all levels. Throw in a little existential crisis and it was the perfect storm for disintegration. The ECR then occurred at the perfect time guiding me through both the transformation process or hibernation and insight into the stages of spring and renewal. The period I went through ECR was a period of intense reflection, connection with God through faith, discover my support systems and love. These all worked in unison to facilitate my healing and the ECR helped me focus on knowing myself, […]

Another ECR?? I Feel So Much Difference

Another ECR?? I Feel So Much Difference Happy peaceful relationships

When Dhennver and Hui Ling told me that I need to go through a second round of ECR, I was in fact in a state of disbelief as most of my family members only went through 1 round. There was another side of me telling me not to proceed. After few weeks of ding dong ding dong, I finally made up my mind that I need to proceed with my second ECR. My heart told me that I need to complete and clear everything which needed to be cleared and not leave it halfway hanging. On the first session of […]

This Meditation Fixed My Problem

This Meditation Fixed My Problem Testimony loving kindness meditation

I am so grateful and thankful to Dhennver for guiding and introducing the loving kindness meditation to me. Let me share my experience to you all. Why? My intention is to introduce and help others who are having problems and challenges in relationship at this point of the time. It had changed my life so much that I am always in peace and happy. I wish that you can change your life to a happier and peaceful life like mine now . ❤️Again, thank you Dhennver. I was haunted by someone who was very close to me. That means there […]

I Regained My Sudden Hearing Loss

I Regained My Sudden Hearing Loss Hearing loss

How I came to know about ECR was that I had inexplicably lost my hearing on my right side after a particularly strenuous workout gym session. After doing all the medical checkups and treatments with no positive outcome or outlook, I was advised by trusted loved ones to do this therapy. I came in with an open mindset and boy, was I blown away. Improvements was immediately felt after the first session and continued throughout the course. I was under intense stress during this period due to work, personal and family reasons and the body just gave way. As a […]

Self Love, Confidence and Intuition

Self Love, Confidence and Intuition Self love confidence and intuition

Before this, I was very lacking in confident and don’t know how to love myself. I always wanting to get love from others, especially my husband. I always showed bad temper towards my husband. I have been going for many classes to try to learn self love, but those classes wasn’t able to help much. I was surprised from the first session of the therapy, as Dhennver and Hui Ling told me that I was numb so that I wasn’t able to connect with my feelings, and this was also the reason I couldn’t feel happy, sad, love, etc. Throughout […]

Healing Emotionally Abusive Husband Freed Wive

Healing Emotionally Abusive Husband Freed Wive Healing emotionally abusive husband

I woke up this morning and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you, Dhennver and Hui Ling for saving my marriage, for saving me and for giving my children a father they can finally bond with. For 27 years, I suffered mental and verbal abuses from my husband. It drove me to hurt myself physically and wanting to end my life; there were so many times when I spiralled back to when I was 17 and could not take anymore of the mental, physical and verbal abuses from my mother. At 17 years of age, I tried to end my […]

Kid Can’t Focus, Day Dreaming

Kid Can’t Focus, Day Dreaming Kid cant focus

When my younger son was in kindergarden, his teacher told me he was always daydreaming and finding it difficult to focus. This continued till when he was in standard 3 then I decided to move him from SK to an International School. I thought the change would be good since there will be less students per class. But the feedback from the teachers remained the same. Even at home, he would be easily distracted and struggling to understand when I did revision with him. He would constantly answer ‘I don’t know’ when asked a question and always felt the need […]

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