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ECR Improved My Self-Confidence, Improved My Business

ECR Improved My Self-Confidence, Improved My Business self confidence business

It’s now about 10months since I’ve completed my Energetic Cage Release (ECR) and I am happy to share with you a number of improvements that I have noticed so far. Generally, I am feeling a lot calmer. This prevents me from reacting unnecessarily or undesirably especially in stressful situations. Perhaps people around me are benefiting from this calmer energy of mine because the energy at home is more joyful. The relationship I have with my husband and kids seems to be getting better. We are closer and I am able to express any uncomfortable feelings that I have openly with […]

Things Come To Me With Ease

Things Come To Me With Ease People Pleaser

Hi Dhennver & Hui Ling. Hope this finds you in the best of health. It has been 3 months since the Energetic Cage Release & I am happy to share that I am calmer, at peace with myself & taking things in my stride. Things come to me with ease & whatever I wish for works out eventually. I got rid of my maid about a week ago & I have never felt better. I used to worry that I would not be able to cope without a maid, but this time round I felt that I was in control […]

Entrepreneur Gets Mental Detox

Entrepreneur Gets Mental Detox Mental Detox Entrepreneur

I have been running business for 5 over years.I provide a conducive platform to help one with passive sweating to detox. It has helped me and my customers achieve better physical health along the way once we flush the toxins out from our body. Business grows and as an entrepreneur stress is inevitable. A lot of times, I pushed myself too hard and quality of sleep started to deteriorate, getting more hot tempered and can’t focus well. I thought it was part and parcel of my hectic life and try to live with it. I know Dhennver for many years […]

I Am Expressing Myself Better

I Am Expressing Myself Better Confidence Expressing Self

When my husband advised me to do the energetic cage, I really didn’t feel I needed to do it. However, after doing the energetic cage release, I felt better as I was able to express myself much better. By expressing myself, I am no longer keeping all this emotions in me and allowing them to well up again. Besides that, I noticed that I am a lot calmer, as I do not rush through things and most importantly, I interact better with my kids as I am more patient. Stephanie Chung

Energetic Cage Release Saved My Marriage

Energetic Cage Release Saved My Marriage

One day, out of nowhere, my husband was very angry with me and told me that he wants a divorce because he can’t stand me anymore! I was devastated and confused. However, I still hesitated to see Dhennver because I was sceptical how he can help me thru BQRT, which I thought it’s just a gimmick. To my surprise, after one session, instantly I felt calmer and have a clearer mind. So, I signed up immediately for Energetic Cage Release (EC). During the EC, I started to feel happy and my life just transformed! My perspective change, my relationship with […]

Long Suppressed Childhood Incidents Released

Long Suppressed Childhood Incidents Released Natural Anxiety Cure

I was in a very difficult space with relationships and it was taking a toll on my health and at work. When I first met Dhennver, I was pleasantly surprised by his openness and positivity. He immediately put me at ease. I subscribed to the energetic cage release from the get go and I’m glad I went through the process because everything negative purged itself through several sessions. I was able to recall long suppressed incidents that had stayed with me from childhood that were released with Dhennver’s help. The energetic cage release saw me slowly dissolving all my blocks […]

Calmer In School And She Comes Back Without Any Major “Dramas” Now

Calmer In School And She Comes Back Without Any Major “Dramas” Now

​Hi my name is Karen. I actually have a daugther by the name of Kayla. She’s actually eight years old and at one point in time, when she comes back from school, she always feels sad, unhappy and she was also very attention seeking. And what happened was, I have a friend who introduced me to BQRT. And I actually tried BQRT on Kayla. After a session, I actually notice a drastic change in Kayla, she seems to be calmer in school and she comes back without any major “dramas” now. So I feel that BQRT really really helped her. […]

The Most Obvious Is That I Don’t Have Issue With My Anger

The Most Obvious Is That I Don’t Have Issue With My Anger Energy Healing Practitioner Helps Happy Hanif

​Hi… my name is Hanif, I am a sales trainer by profession. For the past one month, I have been having sessions with Dhennver on my energetic cage. After a few sessions, I start to feel a lot of improvements in my life. The most obvious is that I don’t have issue with my anger, even though thing really bad happen to me, I just go with the flow. I feel a lot calmer and relationship with my daughter, my relationship with my wife, my friends are absolutely fantastic. I really want to thank Dhennver for the job that he […]

I Feel Calmer, And I Feel I Am Able To Cope With Stress

I Feel Calmer, And I Feel I Am Able To Cope With Stress Stress Anger

Hi… my name is Fatt Soon. I know Dhennver for more than 20 years. Recently, he did an energetic cage release on me. I would like to say, after he did the release on me, I noticed there is some changes happened to me. The most significant one will be that I feel calmer, and I feel I am able to cope with stress, with that I am able to meet challenges, and make decisions much faster. Compared to those days before that, when I have stress, sometimes I have sleepless nights. But lately, I don’t have that problem anymore. […]

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