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My Mothers’ Transformation

My Mothers’ Transformation My mothers' transformation

I never thought energetic cage release can totally change a persons’ temper, luck and energy…Today I am here to share with you the transformations with my mother after EC. My mum is 67 years old. Before the therapy she had extremely bad health problems, especially with her skin. It was her skin issues that got me see Hui Ling & Dhennver. Just a month after the sessions, my mothers’ body is detoxifying a lot every day. Now, her body water retention issues has improved and she has lost weight. Previously, her temper is intolerable but she is now calm and […]

Unknown Skin Itch Due to Mold Infection

Unknown Skin Itch Due to Mold Infection Unknown skin itch due to mold infection

This is a regular client and understands the power of distant healing. She contacted me complaining about her skin itch over the whole body. With applied kinesiology and life-vault, it was very quick and easy for me to know that her problem is due to mold infection. Mold infection is more common than most people ever realise but seldom being screened or treated. ​In this case, simply taking high dose garlic would resolve the problem.

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