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My Journey To Awakening…

My Journey To Awakening… Spiritual awakening

I started my healing journey with TipTopYou in Nov 2022. I was having occasional anxiety attacks, frequent irrational fears, unexplained grievances, chronic health issues, and communication issues. All of these “problems” surfaced altogether during the COVID years, I was overwhelmed, I started journaling again, I read books, I took a free course on Buddhism and Psychology, I saw a therapist, I made a conscious decision to embark on a self-healing journey at the end of 2021 to search for answers. When the universe led me to TipTopYou, I had no idea about spirituality nor energy healing, I went to the […]

Finding Purpose Of Life

Finding Purpose Of Life Finding purpose of life

Before I started the 8 weeks coaching, I felt it was a long long course. I was not sure whether I was going to be able to cope as my schedule was packed. After the first session, I promised myself to at least be on-time because it’s really really helpful in finding the purpose of my life. It has given me a huge opportunity to connect with my Higher-self, and go even deeper to search for my true purpose and calling. Ways, methods and guidance are given to move forward step by step to where your soul wants to achieve. […]

Emotional Instability Gone As Coaching Got Me Aligned

Emotional Instability Gone As Coaching Got Me Aligned Emotional instability

At the start of 2023, after being cleared of all my energetic cage, I had a lot of questions running through my mind. In parallel, I was going through a life event of starting a new job in a new country. Very quickly my anxiety escalated with the change of environment. This resulted in an overwhelm, making it difficult to prioritize which led to procrastination. Having attended ICF coaching sessions in the past, I knew I needed similar guidance to help me through. The 8WRBC by Dhennver exceeded my expectations completely from the very first session, as my life goals […]

Learnt To Sit With My Fears & Found My Purpose

Learnt To Sit With My Fears & Found My Purpose Purpose of life

The 8-week results breakthrough coaching program is for anyone who is ready to take charge of their own life, who wants to get to know themselves better and who sets out to live a purposeful life. The program is well structured, my tip for anyone who is keen to join this program, is to take time to fill the initial questionnaire, and complete it honestly, so as to enjoy maximum benefit of this program. This program has helped me set a purposeful life, reinforces my passions and removed self doubts. I find the program very interesting, intriguing, and startling, at […]

Found My Career Path With Coaching

Found My Career Path With Coaching Coaching career path

Hi, my name is Adeline, a trained pharmacist. Having completed the Energetic Cage Release (ECR) therapy with Dhennver and Hui Ling, I embarked on a journey of new self-discovery to get to know myself once again as my old self disintegrates. The ECR therapy definitely helped me gained more clarity, yet I repeatedly questioned my higher purpose. I have been in the healthcare sector for many years and I felt something was missing in my career path. My heart tells me that I have a potential that has yet to be revealed and that sparks joy in me. But, I […]

Life Changing Coaching Program Made Me See Myself In A Different Way​

Life Changing Coaching Program Made Me See Myself In A Different Way​ Testimony coaching life changing

I have to admit it.  I didn’t know what to expect when I started the coaching sessions.  I thought 8 weeks was a long time to commit to any program but when the last session approached, I felt a strong sense of bitter sweet.  Sweet because I was elated that I had successfully completed the program with new and valuable insights about myself.  And sad because, well, I didn’t want it to end. There are two facets to this program.  The program structure itself and the trainer, both of which are equally important.  As a rational and fact-based person, it […]

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