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My Journey To Awakening…

My Journey To Awakening… Spiritual awakening

I started my healing journey with TipTopYou in Nov 2022. I was having occasional anxiety attacks, frequent irrational fears, unexplained grievances, chronic health issues, and communication issues. All of these “problems” surfaced altogether during the COVID years, I was overwhelmed, I started journaling again, I read books, I took a free course on Buddhism and Psychology, I saw a therapist, I made a conscious decision to embark on a self-healing journey at the end of 2021 to search for answers. When the universe led me to TipTopYou, I had no idea about spirituality nor energy healing, I went to the […]

Kid Aced Exam After Clearing Exam Stress

Kid Aced Exam After Clearing Exam Stress Kid exam stress anxiety

My daughter has always been super stressed during her exams since 12. Eczema will break out in different parts of her body or insomnia or anxiety attacks during exam periods. She is 19 years old now and going through her A-levels. Before her mock exams this time, I seeked for Dhennver and Hui Ling’s help to do an ECR. The first 2 sessions I immediately saw a huge difference in my girl. She is livelier and happier and was not really stuck to her books 24 x 7. She started her mock exams right after 2 ECR sessions and one […]

Dealing with Anxiety & Frustrations During Pandemic

Dealing with Anxiety & Frustrations During Pandemic Anxiety frustration covid-19

Thank you for keeping me in alignment, I am grateful to be surrounded with positive vibes. Especially during this pandemic period, I felt anxiousness, failure, even frustration in my daily life and I felt like I am not getting enough sleep almost everyday. Dhennver’s in-depth knowledge of law of attraction really makes a difference. They don’t run the workshops often but if they do, you must attend their experiential learning workshop. Finally, I managed to get back my normal life style by shifting my perspective with the guidance from Dhennver and Hui Ling. Very good news for me, after practicing […]

Mother Was Living Like A Zombie

Mother Was Living Like A Zombie Testimony lost mother zombie

As life goes on, my life has been changing, my character changed over the time, due to lifestyle and living environment. And I started to lose myself in life, living like a zombie. All my time was given to my family and kids, I often forgotten myself, who I am. I’m just lost.. So lost. I had a very thick energetic cage wall, thickest wall among the clients, so unbelievable. During the therapy, I had no idea how they did it via Zoom, but seriously amazing. I feel so much relief, happier and lighter. I’m definitely not their promoter, after […]

Happiness After Insomnia (Interview with ECR Graduate)

Happiness After Insomnia (Interview with ECR Graduate) Happiness insomnia

D: So what other changes or improvements did you notice so far after doing your Energetic Cage Release?  S: I’ve got a lot of changes. Firstly, my emotions are more stable. Even my kids can see I am happier, I am more cheerful, and the most important is that I can still sleep very well. Every night, when times up, I feel tired and I want to sleep. But before this, when night falls, I will have anxiety to the night because I worry that I cannot sleep. But now I feel happy, it’s night and it’s time for me to […]


Anxiety Anxiety

Feeling Down And Felt Quite Lost Before the therapy, I was feeling down and felt quite lost. I was tired, lethargic and felt like fainting. I felt very anxious as well. My blood pressure and pulse rate were quite high (blood pressure was around 140 -150/ 85 – 95; Pulse rate was 115 – 120 in average). I was on medication for one week. Even if I’m not on my meds, they were still on the high side. On the first day of the therapy session, my pressure and pulse rate dropped (blood pressure around 110 – 120/ 75 – […]

Long Suppressed Childhood Incidents Released

Long Suppressed Childhood Incidents Released Natural anxiety cure

I was in a very difficult space with relationships and it was taking a toll on my health and at work. When I first met Dhennver, I was pleasantly surprised by his openness and positivity. He immediately put me at ease. I subscribed to the energetic cage release from the get go and I’m glad I went through the process because everything negative purged itself through several sessions. I was able to recall long suppressed incidents that had stayed with me from childhood that were released with Dhennver’s help. The energetic cage release saw me slowly dissolving all my blocks […]

24 Hours Turnaround For Anxiety

I have a question… is it better to have symptoms than not when a person has anxiety? Either way… anxiety is not a pleasant experience when you constant suffer from it. This client feels knots and tensions around the abdomen when she has anxiety. With just a quick BQRT session, you can see from her message, the symptom relieve is fast! It’s not hypnotherapy It’s not acupuncture It’s not qigong It’s not reiki If you have anxiety, you don’t have to suffer from it and compromise your quality of life.

Have Not Felt Anxiety And Fear Easily Anymore

Have Not Felt Anxiety And Fear Easily Anymore Anxiety

It was my first time hearing about BQRT. After reading up from Dhennver’s FB, I was keen to try to release my frequent anxiety and fear feelings. The first time I attended the session, I felt my head was having a light feeling half way through. After that, I have not felt anxiety and fear easily anymore. After second session, I felt my body was light and I could focus better. It’s amazing experience and I am looking forward to learning BQRT more. Thanks Dhennver for your help. ​Ko Woan Chyi

Fear of Flight Controlled

Fear of Flight Controlled Fear of flight controlled

Hi, my name is Soo Hwa, I have been suffering from the fear of flying for almost 10 years and a few months back I was on a flight from Taiwan. It was quite a terrible experience as I have this body cramp, palpitations, and very sweaty palms. This fear of flight really impact my quality of life as I limit my travel. So Dhennver did the BQRT remotely for me and after that session I was on a flight to KL. Unfortunately, that day, i got a flight with severe turbulence. And to my surprise, although I was scared […]

I Have Tried Many Other New Age Sessions But None Has Been Able To Help Me Make This Quick Turnaround

I Have Tried Many Other New Age Sessions But None Has Been Able To Help Me Make This Quick Turnaround Alternative to anxiety

Dhennver has really helped me greatly in effectively turning my stress and anxiety about work and relationships around. I came to him almost as a last resort—I’d had devastating news about a relationship and I was experiencing great pain in my stomach region due to stress. I first went through a Blocked Qi Release session and this had worked out so well within a day that I very quickly went through 5 sessions of the Energetic Cage Release technique. During these sessions, I was surprised to find that many incidents and emotions I had buried a long time ago would […]

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