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Self Love, Confidence and Intuition

Self Love, Confidence and Intuition Self love confidence and intuition

Before this, I was very lacking in confident and don’t know how to love myself. I always wanting to get love from others, especially my husband. I always showed bad temper towards my husband. I have been going for many classes to try to learn self love, but those classes wasn’t able to help much. I was surprised from the first session of the therapy, as Dhennver and Hui Ling told me that I was numb so that I wasn’t able to connect with my feelings, and this was also the reason I couldn’t feel happy, sad, love, etc. Throughout […]

Entrepreneur Gets Mental Detox

Entrepreneur Gets Mental Detox Mental detox entrepreneur

I have been running business for 5 over years.I provide a conducive platform to help one with passive sweating to detox. It has helped me and my customers achieve better physical health along the way once we flush the toxins out from our body. Business grows and as an entrepreneur stress is inevitable. A lot of times, I pushed myself too hard and quality of sleep started to deteriorate, getting more hot tempered and can’t focus well. I thought it was part and parcel of my hectic life and try to live with it. I know Dhennver for many years […]

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