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Entrepreneur Gets Mental Detox

Entrepreneur Gets Mental Detox Mental Detox Entrepreneur

I have been running business for 5 over years.I provide a conducive platform to help one with passive sweating to detox. It has helped me and my customers achieve better physical health along the way once we flush the toxins out from our body. Business grows and as an entrepreneur stress is inevitable. A lot of times, I pushed myself too hard and quality of sleep started to deteriorate, getting more hot tempered and can’t focus well. I thought it was part and parcel of my hectic life and try to live with it. I know Dhennver for many years […]

Teenager Out From Darkness

Teenager Out From Darkness Happy Teenager

“Energetic Cage? What a joke.” “How much does it cost? So expensive!” I still remember when I was still the close hearted blur dude. Nothing special. Thinking back, my motto was “You mind your own business and I mind mine.” Taking part in anything was like a drag-down, another large stone to carry. In a blink of an eye, Im fine and done with energetic cage and look at me now! I’ve become open, I have more patience and guess what? I’m still me, but better! The thing that I always believe is that I’m gonna become another ​person. I’m going […]

I Feel Light, Happy & Hopeful after ECR

I Feel Light, Happy & Hopeful after ECR

I was angry and frustrated although my business was in the picking up mode. I didn’t understand why because business was my main struggle and worry before this. After the energetic cage, I feel light, happy and hopeful. Upon some discovery about myself, I feel very happy living my days and looking forward for joyful things to happen. I also feel this got me more connect spiritually. And I feel more control of my days. Thipa

24 Hours Turnaround For Anxiety

I have a question… is it better to have symptoms than not when a person has anxiety? Either way… anxiety is not a pleasant experience when you constant suffer from it. This client feels knots and tensions around the abdomen when she has anxiety. With just a quick BQRT session, you can see from her message, the symptom relieve is fast! It’s not hypnotherapy It’s not acupuncture It’s not qigong It’s not reiki If you have anxiety, you don’t have to suffer from it and compromise your quality of life.

BQRT Has Helped To Clear Hidden Cloudiness From The Mind And The Emotions, Often With Instant Results

BQRT Has Helped To Clear Hidden Cloudiness From The Mind And The Emotions, Often With Instant Results

My work with Dhennver in the past year continues to be life-changing. Gradually over months, as issues arise from the unconscious mind and life, BQRT has helped to clear hidden cloudiness from the mind and the emotions, often with instant results. As each layer is cleared, one steps further into one’s power. BQRT complements other healing modalities, and helps to awaken us to what we really desire from life, and the way forward towards those goals. ​ML

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