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Remedy To Help Reduce Teenage Suicidal?

Remedy To Help Reduce Teenage Suicidal? Remedy teenage suicidal

What worked for her is releasing all the feeling of unsupported, lack of self-love and lack of self-confidence. We also did an inner child release and to my surprise, the incident which I was involved has caused her lots of confusion for the last 10 years.

Kid Aced Exam After Clearing Exam Stress

Kid Aced Exam After Clearing Exam Stress Kid exam stress anxiety

My daughter has always been super stressed during her exams since 12. Eczema will break out in different parts of her body or insomnia or anxiety attacks during exam periods. She is 19 years old now and going through her A-levels. Before her mock exams this time, I seeked for Dhennver and Hui Ling’s help to do an ECR. The first 2 sessions I immediately saw a huge difference in my girl. She is livelier and happier and was not really stuck to her books 24 x 7. She started her mock exams right after 2 ECR sessions and one […]

Kid Can’t Focus, Day Dreaming

Kid Can’t Focus, Day Dreaming Kid cant focus

When my younger son was in kindergarden, his teacher told me he was always daydreaming and finding it difficult to focus. This continued till when he was in standard 3 then I decided to move him from SK to an International School. I thought the change would be good since there will be less students per class. But the feedback from the teachers remained the same. Even at home, he would be easily distracted and struggling to understand when I did revision with him. He would constantly answer ‘I don’t know’ when asked a question and always felt the need […]

Teenage Anger Melted

Teenage Anger Melted Teenage anger melted

My elder son would shut himself in his room only to come down for meals. He hardly has two words to say to us but we can hear him laughing and talking loudly when he is playing his online games. Over time, his face was always sullen and angry. He would get upset if we told him that he had to join us for outings or family dinners and he made no attempt to hide his emotions. He would vent his pent up anger and frustrations by banging on the table while playing his online games; he would be cursing […]

Baby Don’t Want To Drink Milk From Bottle

Baby Don’t Want To Drink Milk From Bottle Baby don't want to drink milk from bottle

A quick search on the internet for “Baby don’t want to drink milk from bottle” will bring up a string of queries from concerning mothers. If the baby is refusing to drink from the bottle, it is causing a string of problems and inconveniences to the mother. They won’t be able to leave the baby to a child minder, the father won’t be able to help feed the baby during the night feeds and the freedom of the mother to do anything else is literally diminished! As you can see, this client of mine had the same problem. Going back […]

School Refusal in Children. Why Does It Happen?

School Refusal in Children. Why Does It Happen? School refusal in children. Why does it happen?

A significant percentage of children demonstrates behaviour of school avoidance or school refusal. Is this really a sign that the kid has some kind of mental illness as reviewed in research articles? Should parents do something about it immediately? Children experiences life like adults do and they feel the emotions due to lack of attention, sibling rivalry, body discomforts, unhappiness and social anxiety. However, they often lack the ability to comprehend and express themselves. These emotions that are unprocessed become “blocked qi” which then leads to an array of behaviour symptoms sometimes physical health manifestations too. Some of my clients […]

Mother Was So Exhausted As Toddler Was ‘Too Sticky’

Mother Was So Exhausted As Toddler Was ‘Too Sticky’ Mother was so exhausted as toddler was 'too sticky'

Some parents will appreciate this problem when their kid is somehow too attached to them. So much that you are not able to go to the toilet for even a minute peacefully. You are so tired and need some rest yet, no one else can help babysit as he/she only wants you. Though it sometimes brings us a sense of worthy and pride, yet it can be overwhelming if prolonged! This client decided to try doing Blocked Qi Healing (BQRT) for her 1 year old son. As you can see, after just a week, there is noticeable difference.

Teenager Rebonds With Extremely Grateful & Relieved Mother

Teenager Rebonds With Extremely Grateful & Relieved Mother Mother teenage daughter

Energetic Cage Release (ECR) was a life changing experience for me. Felt tons lighter, happier, full of positivity, more aware of my thoughts and actions. My 17 year old daughter has been going through a phase in the past 5 years, transforming from outgoing, friendly and vibrant to a morose, quiet and withdrawn girl who hardly communicates with her parents and full of teenage angst. I could not bear to see her like that and even though, many people said that she would outgrow this behaviour, there were no signs of it abating. Tried many methods before but to no […]

Combat Insecurities

Combat Insecurities Combat insecurities

Uncle Dhennver and Aunty Hui Ling helped me recognize the root problems that were tying me down and once they cleared it, they gave me methods to combat my insecurities so that it would not be a future issue. I am so appreciative of them both because they played a crucial role in my journey in becoming align with my spirit. Sophie, 17 years old

The Sorrow In Me Had Shrunk

The Sorrow In Me Had Shrunk The sorrow in me had shrunk

Hi, if you are reading this now, you are very lucky. Although I don’t know who you are, yet I am pretty sure that you are curious why you are here and what would happen following this. Let me try to explain my experience with you. At the beginning, I was very hesitant to go for this energetic cage release therapy. Because I wasn’t aware how he or she can help me. I often face these therapies with skepticism. However, after the first session, I realised the sorrow in me had shrunk. I felt good as I felt emotionally relieved. […]

Teenager Out From Darkness

Teenager Out From Darkness Happy teenager

“Energetic Cage? What a joke.” “How much does it cost? So expensive!” I still remember when I was still the close hearted blur dude. Nothing special. Thinking back, my motto was “You mind your own business and I mind mine.” Taking part in anything was like a drag-down, another large stone to carry. In a blink of an eye, Im fine and done with energetic cage and look at me now! I’ve become open, I have more patience and guess what? I’m still me, but better! The thing that I always believe is that I’m gonna become another ​person. I’m going […]

Grandson Suffers From Slow Learning

Grandson Suffers From Slow Learning Grandson suffers from slow learning

At 2 years old, my grandson could hardly mutter a word. My son was getting worried as he seem to be slow at learning and his speech development is delayed. It was challenging for me as I restrained myself from interfering with his family affairs too much. Nevertheless, as Dhennver has healed me so much, I knew Dhennver would be able to help my grandson too. I knew my son was skeptical and was not going to allow me to get Dhennver’s help. However, my son’s concern began to escalate as the symptoms mirrored that of autism. My son was […]

Mother Finally Rescued Troubled Son

Mother Finally Rescued Troubled Son Mother finally rescued troubled son

​I had various challenges with my 7 year old son, Matthew, and Dhennver had made so much difference in our life. I’m not sure where to start but I’ll just give it a try. We initially worked on issues such as temper and anger. Besides that, he has short attention and is easily distracted. Another challenge that we faced was that he was over-confident. It only took two sessions of BQRT and the improvements were very noticeable. Even his teachers were commenting on how he has transformed. He also has frequent nose bleeds, but even this has stopped after BQRT […]

Kid Scores Straight As After BQRT

Kid Scores Straight As After BQRT Kid scores straight as after bqrt

Approximately 3 years ago, I was concerned and worried as my eldest daughter was going for her major exam, UPSR. My girl was showing lack of focus and was taking it too casually (or ‘tidak apa’ attitude). As a mother, I was worried and was wondering how I was going to manage my daugthers’ mental stress. Fortunately, I learnt about BQRT from Dhennver and managed to complete the whole process. Initially, my daughter didn’t show much changes. Nevertheless, gradually over time, I realised my daughter started to do her own revisions after dinner, sometimes, even until late at night. I […]

Uncontrollable Hyperactivity Improved

Uncontrollable Hyperactivity Improved Uncontrollable hyperactivity improved

Recently had an opportunity to help a young boy. When he was first presented, his parents was quite apologetic and embarrassed of his uncontrollable hyperactivity. I wasn’t surprised at all when we found quite a lot of emotional events that had caused blocked qi that results in his behaviours. The recent news I heard is that his teacher now noticed an improvement in his studies (just two weeks). ​I know sometimes parents find it hard to admit their child has a problem. However… you don’t need psychiatry help. Just simple BQRT session to align the energy works wonders

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