School Refusal in Children. Why Does It Happen?

A significant percentage of children demonstrates behaviour of school avoidance or school refusal. Is this really a sign that the kid has some kind of mental illness as reviewed in research articles? Should parents do something about it immediately?

Children experiences life like adults do and they feel the emotions due to lack of attention, sibling rivalry, body discomforts, unhappiness and social anxiety. However, they often lack the ability to comprehend and express themselves. These emotions that are unprocessed become “blocked qi” which then leads to an array of behaviour symptoms sometimes physical health manifestations too.

Some of my clients have tried all ways to get their kids to attend school and when no solution avails (short of going to see a psychiatrist), they came to me for help. Here are two case studies:

Kid 1: He would often cry when his parents leaves him in school. It’s not even soft whimpering sobs, you could hear him a few blocks away. It was very embarrassing for his parents. Only after a couple of weeks of doing BQRT for him, his parents were amazed as he seemed perfectly fine when he was left in school!

Kid 2 was throw a lot of tantrums when he goes to school. A couple of weeks after doing BQRT, parent reported that he is ok. In fact, the BQRT helped the parent realised what was bothering the kid and made some changes in their approach. 

Hence, these behaviour in children often means that there is something bugging them. Although they don’t know how to express, you can certainly help them and yourself by doing BQRT. 

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