Even Clients Are Able To See My Positiveness

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It’s now about 6months after my ECR and I have some things to share as I am suddenly realising some changes that has happened for me.

In the recent two months, I hit both my monthly target that was set as a personal goal by my boss. All my colleagues told me they are very inspired by my drive and can feel the fire in me. They realise I am very persistent and consistent with whatever I am doing. Seniors or juniors in the company was complimenting my attitude and honestly, it was kind of awkward for me as I am not used to receiving compliments.

Nonetheless, interestingly , during my ECR sessions, Dhennver did tell me I will feel different and work will be very good. Now I appreciate how powerful his words are.

One of the most powerful practice that I adopted from Dhennver’s suggestion was to do daily gratitude. I have been consistently doing it for 8 months and it has become almost second nature to pick up good in a situation instead of looking at negative side first. I believe people are noticing this positive side of me. Even my clients are able to see how positive I am and it is effortless to connect with clients.

One crazy thing that recently happened was that I was visualising me collecting a 6 figure cheque and I was so pleasantly surprised when a client invited me for a chat and he hand me a 6 figure cheque! How amazing is that manifestation?!!

Besides that, I also noticed how I am no longer having this feeling to drink alcohol.

I love this new me and all the amazing manifestations. I am so thankful to Dhennver and Hui Ling.

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Joann Chong
Investment Advisor
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