My Husband Commented That I Am More Easy Going And Less Manic

husband maniac

There are too much of problem to begin with and I don’t know where should I start. However, I feel lighter, happier and energize and increase of insight after ECR (Energetic Cage Release) therapy.

In this therapy, I manage to find out the root cause to my problem and how it have affected me for many years. Many things that I’ve been doing with the mindset that is right were actually wrong and no one had actually told me about it.

It has been 2 weeks since my ECR session, I can see some positive change in myself and the people around me. I practiced the law of attraction for having a harmony family. I can see improvement, almost no argument. The best part is, my husband commented that I am more easy going and less manic.

Really thanks to Hui Ling and Dhennver for all the advise and guidance.


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