Emotional Instability Gone As Coaching Got Me Aligned

Emotional instability

At the start of 2023, after being cleared of all my energetic cage, I had a lot of questions running through my mind. In parallel, I was going through a life event of starting a new job in a new country. Very quickly my anxiety escalated with the change of environment. This resulted in an overwhelm, making it difficult to prioritize which led to procrastination.

Having attended ICF coaching sessions in the past, I knew I needed similar guidance to help me through. The 8WRBC by Dhennver exceeded my expectations completely from the very first session, as my life goals were laid out, and life questions answered. Subsequent sessions consists of incredibly effective problem solving tools that changed my life approaches completely.

How the 8WRBC worked out for me:
Week after week, like peeling back the layers of an onion, we dug deeper into the root of my procrastination and anxiousness. The 8WRBC program started off with a lot of curiosity, and to my surprise, even feeling slightly out of hand after a few sessions, along with some self-doubt trickling in.

Not one to give up, I tried to keep an open mind. Journaling how I felt weekly and charting my progress, I was so pleased to achieve more than 90% of my initial set goals, even the unthinkable far-fetched ones. Today I can proudly say that procrastination is no longer an issue, as I work so productively I even have time for leisure every day in a highly demanding career. With my heighten awareness, my anxiety levels has also reduced drastically, allowing me to work effectively, even receiving great feedbacks from my superiors in mere few months!

Emotional stability

I meet many individuals facing similar encounters who do not know where or who to ask for guidance. I hope my sharing gives people courage and motivation to seek out as there is such an amazing life on the other side. I highly recommend Dhennver’s 8WRBC to anyone who is ready to step into a better life

Coaching procrastination
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