Energetic Cage Release Lifted by Self-Worth and Liberated Me

True self
Energetic cage release lifted by self-worth and liberated me

​Before the therapy, I was in a state of limbo, not knowing who I was or my worth and have always think that life was meant to be full of ups and downs. But life doesn’t have to be that way, as now I have learn that thru the downs of life, there will always be a silver lining in it if we made the choice to see the good in everything. Trust the process, surrender , and believe that the universe wants nothing but the best for you.

The sessions conducted was professionally done and I wouldn’t mind going thru it again! I wished I could have found this therapy sooner but I am glad I finally did as now I am more liberated!

Thank you Dhennver and Hui Ling. I am forever grateful for this amazing experience.


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