Energetic Cage Release Saved My Marriage

Energetic cage release saved my marriage
Energetic cage release saved my marriage

One day, out of nowhere, my husband was very angry with me and told me that he wants a divorce because he can’t stand me anymore! I was devastated and confused.

However, I still hesitated to see Dhennver because I was sceptical how he can help me thru BQRT, which I thought it’s just a gimmick. To my surprise, after one session, instantly I felt calmer and have a clearer mind. So, I signed up immediately for Energetic Cage Release (EC).

During the EC, I started to feel happy and my life just transformed! My perspective change, my relationship with my husband improved including my relationships with my three children. My children noticed my changes; more patient and calmer as well as my tone of voice. The family conditions changed from tense and struggling to peace and happiness. What a dream come true for a homemaker, like me!

My health conditions also improved after the EC. My insomnia reduced, my haemorrhoids stopped bleeding and my water retention condition improved. My stress level also went down and I am able to let go more, unlike previous which I love everything to be perfect. My friends noticed that I speak in calm manner and felt my sincerity when I smile. That’s exactly how I’d wished for!

I can’t thank Dhennver enough for this life changing experience. He never fail to be positive and provide suggestion in any matters. I would highly recommend to every homemaker to have faith in Dhennver and his BQRT which can help ourselves to be appreciated and have a satisfactory life.

​Lucy Chen

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