Energy Medicine:
Who Says It Doesn't Work?

Energy healing

Even as a pharmacist, I remembered the first time I learnt about energy healing, I was so fascinated. What baffles me is how so few people know about it. Most people have never heard about it and without adequate understanding, energy medicine seems like some old fashioned rituals or quackery business. I don’t blame you as western medicine is so widely established as if it is the only stream for health.


Actually, acupuncture which is now widely accepted works on the foundation of energy medicine. The acupuncture needles manipulates the energy flow or qi in the meridian system. So what is energy healing?

What is Energy Medicine?

It’s an alternative natural cure that establishes a very important concept of energy being the foundation to wellness. This energy referred to as the vital life force energy, is also know as Qi or Prana. Energetic imbalances or disharmony gives rise to various health conditions ranging from emotional to physical in nature. By correcting these energetic faults, the physical and organic malfunctions are automatically restored. You may have come across some of these energy healing modalities:

Effectiveness Beyond Western Medicine

What really got me diving deep into learning about energy medicine was when I began to hear stories and witness people who miraculously improved their health conditions with energy healing. 

I began to realise the knowledge that I studied as a pharmacist of western medicine is not complete. Could we be depriving ourselves from total wellbeing?

Energy Medicine Is Great Compliment to Western

Don’t get me wrong… I am not purporting that we abandon western approach, as many seems to frown upon as I try to explain the merits of energy healing. 

It is an entirely different doctrine to the usual western medicine that we are comfortable with. Its unfamiliar terrain often perceived as a threat but in fact, it is more beneficial to integrate its use.

One of the reasons why I love energy healing is that it can be a great compliment to western medicine as it does not require medication that may interact, it works on the non-physical nature of the body that western medicine is not and it gives me the peace of mind that one is doing something beyond just western.

Start Addressing The Holistic Nature of Our Body

Whilst western medicines has been at the forefront of research in labeling conditions and addressing the symptoms of the condition, energy healing is one the ancient modalities used over 2,000 years ago. This is found in ancient medical text called Huang Di Nei Jing which considers the holistic nature of our health… mind, body, spirit and emotions. 

When one understands this holistic nature of our body, it’s hard to imagine that we can address our health problems from the physical perspective. 

Are All Energy Healing The Same?

There is a long list of energy healing techniques available! Essentially they all work on our energy at different levels. Sometimes the effects are only seen in one layer of energetic imbalance and not all. So, no one approach can triumphantly declares itself as the victor. 

However, one principal remains consistently engrained in all; that is, energy imbalances or disharmony actually gives rise to eventually organic and biochemical malfunctions that is diagnosed in western medicine.

By tuning the energetic faults, the physical and organic malfunctions are automatically corrected . That means that we can reverse and prevent the progression of any chronic diseases!

If you are wanting to explore energy medicine, you may want to look into new age ones like Blocked Qi Healing and Energetic Cage Release Therapy.

Other Topics Of Interest

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