Blocked Qi Healing

Blocked Qi Healing (BQRT)- A Natural Cure For Mental And Physical Wellbeing.

Blocked qi healing

If you believe in natural cures and not just suppressing symptoms with western medicine, then you should explore this unique new age healing called Blocked Qi healing or Blocked Qi Release Technique (BQRT).

Ancient Wisdom For Wellbeing

According to the oldest medical text called Huang Di Nei Jing, “all kinds of diseases are caused by disorder of qi. This disorder of qi movement is disturbed by extreme changes in emotions.”

Hence, balanced emotions ensures good mental and physical health.

Addressing The Root Of Your Problem

Blocked qi emotional baggage

Whatever symptoms you are currently experiencing, it is just a manifestation from the subconscious about these imbalances in the body. The instant these imbalances are restored, the symptoms naturally disappears!

According to Blocked Qi healing these imbalances are caused by intense and/or unresolved emotional events previously experienced. Since, emotions are forms of energy, they are stored in the body as energy balls known as “Blocked Qi”. Most of us sense it when there is an accumulation of “Emotional Baggage“, we may feel it, yet it is not measurable or detectable.Blocked Qi in our system disrupts the harmonious flow of qi or energy. This eventually leads to various health issues i.e. mental or physical.

Note: Blocked Qi is caused by an intense and/or unprocessed emotional event!

Most often these are very stressful moments that challenges our coping mechanism. Hence, our body stores this energetic experiences in parts of our body so that we can deal with it at a later stage.

Imagine you got the news of a loved one that died. It is very traumatic and the body cannot accept this information. You could potentially break down. But you gathered enough strength to settle things like the funeral. Following that, you may breakdown crying or tremble as a way of releasing this emotion. However, some people keep it within thinking that they have overcome it. But the body is still storing it.

The blocked qi stored and not released will eventually lead to various symptoms ranging from

  • physical like body aches and pains,
  • chronic health like diabetes,
  • emotional like mood swings or anxiety to
  • behavioural like habits of eating or phobia

Did You Know Your Subconscious Mind Has Powers To Heal?

Blocked Qi is not a new phenomenon. This is in fact the foundation of many Chinese natural cures and energy healing therapies.

The difference with Blocked Qi Healing or BQRT is that it uniquely retrieves information of these blocked qi from the subconscious mind. When the information of the blocked qi is retrieved and released, the harmonising of energetic faults begins. As a result, the organic and bio-chemical problems can eventually auto-correct.

The reason why these information needs to be retrieved from the subconscious mind is that our conscious mind forgets easily. You have probably even forgotten what you had for dinner last night.

However, the subconscious mind never forgets and is loaded with mega truck loads of information. Our subconscious knows the precise location of these blocked qi’s that is causing our health issues.

Why Is Applied Kinesiology Used In BQRT?

Blocked Qi Healing is a unique energy healing technique as we retrieve information of these blocked qi from our subconscious mind using applied kinesiology.

Applied kinesiology is a primary method in BQRT as our subconscious mind doesn’t communicate verbally. One of the ways our subconscious mind communicates is through our body or more specifically our muscles. Our subconscious is constantly interacting with our environment. For example, sometimes when a person is telling a lie, you will notice subtle body language like twitching, rubbing nose, pursing of lips etc.

So in BQRT, using a specially designed series of question, we can ask the subconscious questions, and it will always reply by adjusting muscle tone of the tested area. Hence, applied kinesiology is also known as muscle strength testing.

Energy Healing Releases Blocked Qi

Retrieving the information about the cause of the problem using applied kinesiology is just not all. The energy healing process of BQRT is the most important. This is where the healer sends positive energy to energetically release the blocked qi with a magnet.

As many would say… love is felt rather than the words that is said. So, in energy healing, even though the therapy is intangible without medicines or needles. Some may actually feel the shift of energy happening after the release. Nevertheless, whether you feel it or not healing has already taken place. 

Blocked Qi Release Technique should be part of your holistic health care because when you release these blocked qi, you not only improve your current condition. Most importantly, it stops the body from progressively manifest further symptoms in the future.

If you are not able to attend the sessions at our center, learn more about doing this via distant healing.

Will This Alternative Healing Benefit You?

You have been seeking for Answers and Solutions to your problems. It’s probably not an accident that you are seeing this alternative healing.

You might forget to come back!

Clients Testimonies

Shoulder Pain Gone
"Merely after 2 sessions my neck/shoulder pain was gone so as the agonizing numbness on my arm. Then I found I no longer had the skin allergy. "
Grandson Slow Speech Development
"It was so evident that BQRT was making a significant transformation to my grandson. In a mere 3 weeks, he is able to say a few complete sentences."
Stomach Discomfort and Bloating for 1.5 Years
"To my surprise, about half and hour later, I no longer feel bloated. Aside from that, I even felt some weird energy moving in my body. "
"The first time I attended the session, I felt my head was having a light feeling half way through. After that, I have not felt anxiety and fear easily anymore. "
Persistent Cough
"i no longer coughing or having shoulder pain… this healing really help bring back balance in my life… i am happier now."
Fear of Flight
"To my surprise, although I was scared of the turbulence, I did not have this sweaty palms, heart palpitations, or panic. In fact, I feel there was a power over my heart that I feel calm."
"Just the next day after BQRT, I was pleasantly surprised, as it has dropped to 10.9mmol/l. By the fourth day, my blood glucose was 5.6mmol/l and I was discharged with medicines and insulin injection. (What you must realize is that most diabetic patients never get to this level even after years of medication.) "
Back Pain
"In just minutes, my pain disappeared almost instantly. Moreover, I realised that my back is better as I did not felt any pain or discomfort at my lower back even though I had a very hectic 1 month. In the past, I would had suffered back pains with the level of stress I had."

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