eQi Gong Group Healing

eQi Gong Group Healing:
Absorb The Healing Energy via Zoom. It Works!

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Did you know what you can benefit from Qi Gong healing without practicing it?

Dhennver sends healing energy using Qi Gong techniques and Hui Ling assist in clearing and dispersing negative and stagnant energy which enhances healing. Believe it or not, all you have to do is receive this healing energy in the standing position.ย 

Benefits of eQi Gong

Since any disruptions to the flow of Qi in the body is the cause of most of our health issues. The list benefits of attending these sessions are infinite, ranging from maintenance of general wellbeing to musculoskeletal issues like plantar fasciitis.

What Will You Experience During The Session?

What you will feel and experience during the sessions varies from one person to another depending on your health status and your sensitivity to energy.
  • Many clients will feel a general sense of warm or heat
  • Some clients will notice that their body is swaying
  • Some clients will notice that their body starts to move into certain postures (especially where the problems are)
Nonetheless, some may not feel or notice anything. Even in such cases, they have already received the healing energy and healing is already taking place internally.

Do you need this or will you benefit if you practice Qi Gong already?

There are many methods of qigong and they can be broadly categorised into 4 groups based on the purpose of training.

  1. Scholar qigong – many are familiar with this form as it is used for maintaining health
  2. Martial arts qigong – for enhancing power in fighting
  3. Religious qigong – for spiritual enlightenment
  4. Medical qigong – this is the one that we are keen to explore more as it is used for healing, both your self and treating others.

Most people have not realised the wonders of this form of energy healing. For example, it was so fascinating to witness musculo-skeletal issues like flat foot and scoliosis miraculously being fixed. In China and other countries like the US, medical qigong is used as complementary therapy for cancer.

Testimonies from Clients

Plantar Fasciitis Healed
I developed plantar fasciitis in June 2019, after walking 20 mins every morning and evening for a month. It is a condition caused by inflammation at the ligament that connects the front of my foot to my heel.
As a result, every morning when I start my first few steps it will be painful and normally I would be limping. Sometimes it also hurts as I get up from a chair after long hours. This affects my quality of life every day.
Amazingly today, 2021 March, I had recovered without any medication or physiotherapy.
By joining TipTopYou eQi Gong group healing sessions!
I noticed it is now healed and I have now fully recovered with just 6 sessions once a week. Interestingly, this healing only requires you to stand still during the session, it is not like the Qi Gong practices that you see in the park.
Sincerely thank you Dhennver and Hui Ling for the wonderful healing.
Backache Eased
I am so grateful for the qigong session yesterday as I noticed that there is no tension on my lower back this morning even when I bend forward. The aches and pain in this area is gone. Thank you Dhennver n Hui Ling for the session๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Testimony lower back tension
Healing for Shoulder Pain
During my first QI Gong session,ย my left shoulder pain totally gone as my left hand was spinning 360 degree few round during session. My left knee is much more moveable now after the session. My upper body, shoulder and neck are totally lighter than before and many other part of body was in pain and ache was gone.ย 
During the second Qi Gong session, I feel it is repairing my body for some stagnant and dense energies! Surprisingly my left shoulder continue spinning 360 degree few round in this session too. It must be a lot of blocked Qi at this area.ย 
The tapping on my left tight during the session really release tension at my solar plexus chakra. Thank you for releasing these toxin that got eliminated from body. I just spotted a patch of redness dots at this area. May more people benefits from Qi Gong and be well. Thank you ๐Ÿ™
Intense Healing Energy
During the Enhanced Qi Gong via Zoom, the energy was intense but acceptable. The colours of green and purple was swirling so bright. First time , I actually felt the energy at my crown chakra pulling at my hair. Truly amazing!
I also saw intricate patterns forming and then disappearing. After the session, I was yawning so much and tearing too! Thank you Dhennver and Hui Ling for this experience ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Will This Alternative Healing Benefit You?

You have been seeking for Answers and Solutions to your problems. It’s probably not an accident that you are seeing this alternative healing.

You might forget to come back!

Other Topics Of Interest

With medical qigong, qi in our body is affected and directed for medical benefit.ย 

Effectively for problems ranging from physical symptoms to chronic health, emotional to behavioural

Your mental and physical health could be due to “Blocked Qi” ie. life events that is intense or unprocessed.

Energetic Cage affects your believes, decision making, behaviours that eventually produces stress and emotional baggages.

Clinical Studies

This study found that qigong/tai chi had positive effects on the cancer-specific QOL, fatigue, immune function and cortisol level of cancer patients. However, these findings need to be interpreted cautiously due to the limited number of studies identified and high risk of bias in included trials. Further rigorous trials are needed to explore possible therapeutic effects of qigong/tai chi on cancer patients.

Qigong appears to be beneficial for reducing depressive symptom severity. However, given the low quality of the included studies and the documented evidence of publication bias, these results should be viewed cautiously.

The findings suggest potentially beneficial effect of Qigong exercise on symptoms of anxiety among individuals with drug abuse. Considering the small number and overall methodological weakness of included studies and lack of RCTs, results should be interpreted with caution and future rigorously designed RCTs are warranted to provide more reliable evidence.

Cancer survivors who participated in Qigong had significantly better QOL than placebo group or control group.
Qigong as a source of preferred physical activity for enhancing
health and reducing all-cause mortality can be encouraged in the survivorship phase to assist better self-management of health and wellbeing.

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