Energetic Cage Release

Energetic Cage Sabotages Your True Potential for Health, Wealth, Career, Relationship and Happiness

True potential energetic cage release

Energetic Cage Release therapy is a unique energy healing therapy that releases the hidden messages in the subconscious mind which has lead to the build up of an invisible energy wall (with sabotaging information). It affects your believes, decision making, behaviours that eventually produces stress and emotional baggages.

Transformations After Energetic Cage Release

The Energetic Cage Wall Blocks Your True Potential

An individual with this energetic wall is prevented from being his/her true authentic self as it disrupts the messages that is transmitted from your heart. Hence, limiting you from achieving your true potential. As a result, everything you do seems to consume so much effort. In fact, some may realise that there are sabotaging patterns in the very thing they are desiring to achieve. 

Do you have an Energetic Cage Wall?

If you…

  • Constantly have feelings of anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts
  • Have challenges communicating
  • Have difficulty feeling happy
  • Do not feel fulfilled even when you should
  • Have difficulty giving and accepting love
  • Have challenges with your financial or career goals
  • Unresolving health issues including body aches and pains
  • Notice self-sabotaging patterns
  • You have joined multiple self-development programs only to find yourself falling back into the same old habits and patterns.

Then you may have an energetic cage affecting you.


Many of us go through life experiences and accumulate emotional baggages. These emotional baggages eventually affects our mental and physical health which can be released with Blocked Qi Healing. What’s even more interesting, many of us have emotional baggages that were inherited. There many current research on epigenetics that are appearing like this on children of Holocaust survivors

However, if these emotional baggages are not cleared from our system and the environment is perceived to threaten us, subconscious beliefs will arise. These subconscious beliefs are the building blocks that creates the energetic cage wall. The energy that radiates from the energetic cage wall leads to sabotaging results and patterns in our life.

Emotional baggage subconscious mind

Is The Energetic Wall Scientifically Proven To Exist?

It has been found that the heart generates 60 to 1000 times more electromagnetic energy than your brain. The heart is the second brain as it is continuously sending messages to all the cells in your body. The brain in our head obeys the messages sent by “the brain in our heart”.

Studies from the Institute of HeartMath  Research Centre demonstrated that…

  • Your heart emits electromagnetic fields that changes according to your emotions
  • The heart’s energetic aura is always pulsating out and affecting our environment.
  • This energetic field can be read and felt by other people’s brains and hearts.
  • The intuitive energetic heart is what people often call their inner voice. Everyone has it!

Why Is The Energetic Wall Build?

Sometimes an invisible energetic wall is put up to protect the heart from disappointment, heartache, and threats. This wall is made up of emotional or stressful events called blocked qi. What’s interesting is that most individual have blocked qi that is inherited too.  

Benefits of Energetic Cage Release Therapy

The energetic cage release therapy is a unique energy healing that uses applied kinesiology to identify these blocked qi and subsequently these blocked qi are released by a skilled practitioner through of the power of intent. The process is fast and effective and does not involve hypnosis or psychotherapy.

Clearing your energetic cage releases all the emotional baggages and stress in your system. As a result, clients have reported

  • Feeling Emotionally lighter
  • Happiness can arise from within easily
  • Effective decision making
  • Stronger intuitions
  • Ability to accept and love yourself
  • Relationships improve

The source of creation is in your heart and it is better that it is working for you than to work against you. Isn’t it? It’s not just about being less stress, being happier but to create the life as it is meant to be.

How Is The Therapy Done?

All the information that we need for healing resides in our subconscious mind. Hence, applied kinesiology is effectively used by a skilled practitioner. See how the therapy is conducted – applied kinesiology.

The information that is retrieved is very insightful as it provides lots of details about what’s affecting the person and the sabotaging patterns that the person is experiencing. When the conscious mind has enough of that information, it is then ready to be released. 

The practitioner then sets an intention to energetically release it by flushing in positive energy just as you would send prayer to someone. Of course it works! As you can see from all the wonderful results of past clients

As you go through this information, your logics may still be pondering yet you may instinctively feel this is what you need! Time to trust your heart – get rid of those emotional baggages, unleash your true potential, achieve fulfillment and happiness!

If you are not able to attend the sessions at our center, this therapy can also be conducted via distant healing. It is just as effective to face to face sessions.

Will This Alternative Healing Benefit You?

You have been seeking for Answers and Solutions to your problems. It’s probably not an accident that you are seeing this alternative healing.

You might forget to come back!

Client Testimonies

Initially, Felt That I Didn't Need...
"I feel that I received something that as of now I can't quite put my finger on because I don't know what it is, but at the same time know that changes have already begun taking place."
How Could 5 Sessions Do That Much Difference??
"I felt so much relieve after the session as I felt the heaviness on my chest was lifted and I could actually breath."
I Was Hesitant Because I Wasn't Aware How It Would Help​
"When I completed the fifth and final session, I definitively felt the changes in me. I felt the emotional baggages were lifted off me, more joyful, had self confidence, and was able to socialise and meet more friends."
My Husband Commented That I Am More Easy Going And Less Manic​
"I manage to find out the root cause to my problem and how it have affected me for many years. Many things that I've been doing with the mindset that is right were actually wrong and no one had actually told me about it."
My Life Changed Over Night​​
"After the sessions, I felt lighter, happier, full of positivity and a reason for being. The old saying ' you can't change others but you can change yourself ' is so true! I saw things in a different light, my face was more radiant and most of all, I regained my self worth. I wished that I knew about ECR so much more earlier!"
People Pleaser Speaks Her Mind
"I noticed after removing the energetic cage I am no longer afraid to speak my mind, I no longer worry about what the other party thinks or feel the need to butter my words. I am able to speak my mind and articulate whatever that is on my mind. I didn't want to be the victim anymore and I didn't want to tolerate being taken advantage of or being stepped on anymore. I had enough and it felt good standing up for myself."
My Mothers' Transformation
"She was suffering from skin problems like eczema or psoriasis from head to toe, this disease is causing her to suffer as it was very itchy. Thank god after seeing Hui Ling her skin was better. After first session of EC, it has recovered up 90%.
Another thing that I didn't even know was that she suffered from acid reflux problem. It was so bad until she vomits few times a day, especially midnight. However, she said after EC this issue is totally gone."
15 Years Old Overcomes Social Challenges​
"After the change, I've mixed more with friends, joined a great club and my social circle has expanded to such a great length I never knew it could. Now, all these weird people I've met before, I can accept them now!"
The Emotional Journey Of A Senior Sales Director​
"helped me undergo a massive release of my emotional pains that was burdening on my shoulders for the past 10 plus years of unhappiness. What a relief it had been! I felt immensely lighter, and could see clearer. I remember giving myself a toast to a new life after the 3rd day."
Quick Turnaround With ECR Vs Professional Counselors​​
"I have been to professional counselors and clinical psychologists, I have tried many other new age sessions but none has been able to help me make this quick turnaround. I also found my sessions with them expensive with no real solutions or answers. I am impressed by the expediency of the Energetic Cage Release technique."
Teenager Rebonds With Extremely Grateful & Relieved Mother
"Sure enough! she is a completely different person now. Her true self finally shines through. For a parent, there is no greater joy to see your child happy and thriving."

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Your mental and physical health could be due to “Blocked Qi” ie. life events that is intense or unprocessed.

Effectively for problems ranging from physical symptoms to chronic health, emotional to behavioural

Some healers uses this technique to accurately retrieve answers from patients’ subconscious mind.

By correcting energetic imbalances, the physical and organic malfunctions are automatically restored.

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