Entrepreneur Gets Mental Detox

Mental detox entrepreneur
Mental detox entrepreneur

I have been running business for 5 over years.I provide a conducive platform to help one with passive sweating to detox. It has helped me and my customers achieve better physical health along the way once we flush the toxins out from our body.

Business grows and as an entrepreneur stress is inevitable. A lot of times, I pushed myself too hard and quality of sleep started to deteriorate, getting more hot tempered and can’t focus well. I thought it was part and parcel of my hectic life and try to live with it.

I know Dhennver for many years and he is one of the person that I respect and always have high regards. He takes things seriously, a very sincere and a friend that I can trust.

When he told me about BQRT, I was kind of skeptical but still gave it a try. With only one treatment,my chronic shoulder stiffness that I have been suffering for years is gone.

Lately I felt “noisy” from within and can’t do rational thinking and this has affected my decision making and lots of time I felt gloomy for no reason. Dhennver share with me on “Energetic cage” and I was very very against it initially. I thought I can get over with it if I took a short break to de-stress . However, I still felt bad after the holidays.

Thus, I decided to give it a try as I know he won’t do anything to harm me.

After completed the five sessions, I felt lighter and can hear my inner voice better. I really feel so at ease and peaceful from within. I can now make better decision, my intuition is stronger and stay calm and cool.

He also teach me power of manifestation and I started to see lots of good things are happening one after another. More positive vibes.I am so thankful and grateful to my brother Dhennver and not forgetting Beh Hui Ling who also help to “cleanse” me.

Physical detox is important but we shouldn’t neglect the mental detox too. Healthy body healthy mind.

I am now practicing both physical and mental detox and I believe this will make me a healthier and better, more compassionate person. Thanks again Dhennver, from the bottom of my heart.

Sabrina Tang, Founder of Sweatspa

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