Fear of Flight Controlled

Fear of flight controlled

Hi, my name is Soo Hwa, I have been suffering from the fear of flying for almost 10 years and a few months back I was on a flight from Taiwan. It was quite a terrible experience as I have this body cramp, palpitations, and very sweaty palms. This fear of flight really impact my quality of life as I limit my travel.

So Dhennver did the BQRT remotely for me and after that session I was on a flight to KL. Unfortunately, that day, i got a flight with severe turbulence. And to my surprise, although I was scared of the turbulence, I did not have this sweaty palms, heart palpitations, or panic. In fact, I feel there was a power over my heart that I feel calm.

Thank you Dhennver. If you have any phobia and fear, I believe BQRT will help.

Lee Soo Hwa.

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