Grandson Suffers From Slow Learning

Grandson suffers from slow learning
Slow speech learning

At 2 years old, my grandson could hardly mutter a word. My son was getting worried as he seem to be slow at learning and his speech development is delayed. It was challenging for me as I restrained myself from interfering with his family affairs too much. Nevertheless, as Dhennver has healed me so much, I knew Dhennver would be able to help my grandson too. I knew my son was skeptical and was not going to allow me to get Dhennver’s help.

However, my son’s concern began to escalate as the symptoms mirrored that of autism. My son was lost for solutions. That’s when I shared with him about how Dhennver with his BQRT may be able to help him. He reluctantly said “mum please go ahead and do what you need to do”.

When Dhennver checked, it turns out that he had blocked qi for slow learning and slow speech development. After just the first session, I was pleasantly surprised as my grandson started to say a few words. I am sure my son was pleased too. As the sessions progressed, it was so evident that BQRT was making a significant transformation to my grandson. In a mere 3 weeks, he is able to say a few complete sentences.

I know that Dhennver’s healing sounds very abstract and not easily understood, yet it works! He has helped many kids with development issues and one should seriously consider.

Lilian Lim

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