Happiness… At Last!

Achieving happiness

I was always looking for “Happiness” since young. I read books about “Happiness”, “Ikigai” and I attended workshops and talks about “Happiness”. But all did not work for me. I felt emptiness. 

I have a very supportive and loving husband and parents. They are always there to support all my decisions. I able to achieve goals that I wanted to and most things I aimed at.

But, I was still not “happy”, I wasn’t sure why. I always think that I could be better.
I often told myself that – “I should be very grateful of what I have in my life, I am much fortunate if compared to a lot of people out there. So please don’t be greedy!”

I wasn’t sure what I am looking for and to the point that I feel really lost myself.

I was thinking what can I do to make me happier and healthier?

I am really sure how this therapy would help me in finding my purpose in life.
I get to know more about myself after each session and started to understand why I behaved in certain way.
I feel much lighter, happier and I feel a sense of purpose in life after the therapy.

Quoted by Dalai Lama – “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”

I am not sure how to describe this therapy but I would encourage everyone should give a try! For your happiness!


Zt happiness
Zing Teo
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