Not Happy And Didn’t Have Answers

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I was not happy in my life. I know that something was wrong somewhere but I couldn’t explain or express to others.

Not happy then radianceJust look at the before and after ECR healing photos, I didn’t know why my face always seems dark in the past. After the healing, notice the radiance?

Besides that, before ECR, time and time again I actually checked my aura. The charts just does not reflect what I was feeling and I knew something was missing. It’s quite amazing to see that the aura changed drastically after even the first session! I could finally see that my energy is frozen.

Not happy and didn't have answers

Before Healing

Testimony after healing aura

After Healing

Now after the session I got all the answers I was trying to find. Thanks to Allah. Thanks to Dhennver & Hui Ling because they helped me a lot.

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