Hauntings of Slip Disc Disappeared

Hauntings of slip disc disappeared
Hauntings of slip disc disappeared

I have been having bad lower back pain for 7 years and 2 years back had a slip disc too. I had this constant feeling of discomfort since then. It’s especially uncomfortable when I am exhausted or stressed. I can’t sleep well and my movements are limited. Worst of all I get very worried that my slip disc will re-occur.

Besides modern medication I have tried acupuncture. Yes it relieved a lot of discomfort but the pain and ‘insecure’ feeling has always been there.

I have known Dhennver for long. He has never recommended anything that doesn’t help me feel better. So when I heard about BQRT, I didn’t hesitate. In fact was excited to see what will ​the outcome be since I previously had some knowledge of energy healing and blocked qi.

In just minutes, my pain disappeared almost instantly. Moreover, I realised that my back is better as I did not felt any pain or discomfort at my lower back even though I had a very hectic 1 month. In the past, I would had suffered back pains with the level of stress I had.

This is fascinating, just by releasing the blocked Qi, I have removed my 7 years of discomfort.


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