Heart Palpitations Due to Anxiety Disappeared

Some of you may be able to associate with this… This client have been having the feeling of fast heart beats or heart palpitations every morning when he wakes up. This has been going on for years. After the distant healing session, he got up in the morning without having that fast heart beats.

I remembered as a kid, I would sometimes get bouts of heart palpitations. I would tell my mum about it and she said it was normal, it’s ok. When I tell that to the doctors, obviously they weren’t as alarmed as I was. So I know how frustrating it is not knowing why you are experiencing it.

Heart palpitations is a common symptoms that the body manifest as it is stress or have anxiety. It is often very annoying and can be alarming. BQRT quickly and effectively resolves it by removing the emotional root cause of the problem.

Imagine the feeling of relieve and freedom. Dealing with anxiety and its symptoms has never been easier! You can claim your life back today!

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