Holistic Healing:
Don't Just Suppress Your Problems

If you have been attempting to resolve your health issues but met with less than expected results, then holistic healing approach is something you should consider. This is not something new, as even traditional chinese medicine adopts a holistic healing approach. 

However, many considers traditional chinese medicine old fashioned. Since it is over 2,000years old, I don’t blame them. As a pharmacist, I used to believe that these chinese natural cures are superstitious and spiritual. Interestingly, when I began to dive deeper into the topic, it has a lot more wisdom than one can imagine. 

Even though, Western medicine has so cleverly proven it’s effectiveness in such an enormous variety of conditions, chinese natural cures still has a place. In fact, many countries are beginning to appreciate the role of some of these traditional chinese medicine modalities and have started to even integrate them in their health care systems. 

So I guess, the age of it’s existence demonstrates that it has some wisdom that western medicine does not comprehend yet.

Holistic Healing Documented Since 250BC

This ancient wisdom to holistic healing is documented in the oldest medical text called Huang Di Nei Jing. HDNJ or the Yellow Emperor’s Medical Compendium is the oldest and most important Chinese Medicine classic that was completed since 250 BC. Even though this text is more than two millennia old, it’s still highly regarded by medical practitioners, therapists and all those interested in Chinese Medicine. 

Huang Di Nei Jing explains a treasure of ancient knowledge on holistic healing with thorough practical advice on preventive medicine, methods of preserving good health and ways to diagnose and treat diseases.

Two Important Holistic Healing Concepts

According to Huang Di Nei Jing:

  1. “All kinds of diseases are caused by disorder of qi. This disorder of qi movement is disturbed by extreme changes in emotions.”
  2. “Any qi or energy imbalances eventually gives rise to organic and biochemical changes in the body”

Fundamentals Used Differently in 2 Different Modalities

Blocked qi healing (BQRT) so uniquely addresses the emotional aspects of our energetic body. As the mind or ‘yi’, affects the qi flow in our energetic body, BQRT releases any hidden messages that is causing these imbalance.

Wellness Medical Qigong is to heal the imbalances in the energetic body which would lead to healing of the physical body.

Basis of Blocked Qi Healing

Most of us experienced significant events in our life, from the time that our friend embarrassed us in-front of a crowd to our first car accident, from the first time we failed a venture to the time we experience death of some one close.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t deal with emotions effectively and we tend to suppress them. Unlike popular belief, when emotions are suppressed, they do not vanish. Instead, they collect in the body as “blocked qi”. Accumulation of ‘blocked qi’ will affect the qi flow in the body.

If not rectified, it will eventually prevent the body and its organs from functioning efficiently. Symptoms will eventually arise. These symptoms can be

  • physical like shoulder pain,
  • chronic health like diabetes,
  • emotional like mood swings or anxiety or
  • behavioural like habits of eating or phobias

Most folks are surprised when they discover they have trapped emotions.

Balanced Emotions Ensure Good Mental And Physical Health

Emotions are the link-bridge between the mind and the body. It is our reactions when we are in contact with an exterior object, being or event. That is why stress can be the cause of your problems as stress is an emotional challenge to an event or person. Emotions can even arise when we recall a memory of it.

Huang Di Nei Jing states that there are seven major emotions i.e. joy, anger worry, anxiety, sadness, fear and shock.

As an example, the death of someone close very naturally causes the feeling of sadness. If these emotions are long-lasting or very intense, it eventually causes diseases. Or if we are constantly in a work environment that makes us frustrated and angry, it will harm the liver and cause disharmony. Also, excessive anger drives qi to flow upwards and excessive terror drives qi to move downwards.

Other Topics Of Interest

By correcting energetic imbalances, the physical and organic malfunctions are automatically restored.

It is something so intangible, yet many of us can actually feel the weight of past events that isn’t ‘let go’

Huang Di Nei Jing says “Disorder of Qi movement is disturbed by extreme changes in emotions.”

Your mental and physical health could be due to “Blocked Qi” ie. life events that is intense or unprocessed.

So how do we get answers to our problem from our subconscious mind?

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