Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology:
Various Therapies Uses It Effectively

Applied kinesiology

This may be the first time you heard about applied kinesiology or muscle strength test. However, some healers including acupuncturist, allergy specialist, chiropractor etc uses this technique to accurately retrieve answers from patients’ subconscious mind. It may sound odd initially, but the concept is not that hard to understand.

Our Subconscious Mind Responds Through Our Muscles

Our subconscious mind is constantly interacting with the environment. If you ask the subconscious mind a question, it will always respond by affecting our muscles. Haven’t you ever noticed that if you are talking to a friend, sometimes if he/she is not telling the truth, there are body languages that shows up. These is an automated responses like playing their hair, twitching of the eyes or mouth? They are usually not aware of it and they don’t have much control either.

Applied Kinesiology Is A Muscle Detector

Hence, the key principle in applied kinesiology is using the muscle as a detector system to derive answers from our own subconscious mind. These answers are not even consciously aware to the person.

How Is Applied Kinesiology Used?

It is a holistic approach that not only provides physiological facts but also most importantly emotional and spiritual facts that is embedded in the persons’ subconscious mind. At TipTopYou, applied kinesiology is used in 3 healing modalities:

  • Blocked Qi Healing (BQRT) – Up to 85% of health issues has an emotional root. It doesn’t matter if you have physical health issues like body aches or pain or if you have emotional or behavioural issues like anxiety. Using applied kinesiology and the unique BQRT chart, we are able to systematically identify the root cause of your problem and release that to restore energy flow. This empowers the body’s own innate power to heal.
  • Energetic Cage Release – This is a system that removes any energetic cage wall that is limiting our potential and causing self-sabotage. It is said that our heart is the ‘second brain’. In fact, Itzhak Bentov, and researchers at the Heart Math Institute alike have found that the heart sends out coherent energy patterns to the rest of the body, including the organs, the tissues and even the brain. However, often times we have blocked qi, often times inherited blocked qi, that is preventing us from discovering our true path.
  • LifeVault – LifeVault is a system that not necessarily resolves the issue. However, the system comprises of an extensive list of possible causes. Accurate identification of the cause can lead to better treatment choices.

History Of Applied Kinesiology

Muscle testing was first discovered by a chiro-practitioner in 1960s. Since then, there has been many variations. To an observer, it seems as if it is a test of muscle strength. However, it is really the integrity of the muscle which is being tested.

Since we are only testing the integrity of the muscles, which muscles is tested is not of significance. For example, some practitioners test on the arms, some test on the fingers.

Although the results depends on the technique of questioning, it is still a wonderful tool as it takes the unknown to a probability and to a possibility! You will be amazed how we can use this technique to ‘basically talk’ with our subconscious mind.

Will This Alternative Healing Benefit You?

You have been seeking for Answers and Solutions to your problems. It’s probably not an accident that you are seeing this alternative healing.

You might forget to come back!

Other Topics Of Interest

So how do we get answers to our problem from our subconscious mind?

Your mental and physical health could be due to “Blocked Qi” ie. life events that is intense or unprocessed.

Energetic Cage affects your believes, decision making, behaviours that eventually produces stress and emotional baggages.

Huang Di Nei Jing says “Disorder of Qi movement is disturbed by extreme changes in emotions.”

By correcting energetic imbalances, the physical and organic malfunctions are automatically restored.

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