Healing Crisis What Can You Do?

If You Have Healing Crisis.
What Can You Do?

Healing crisis what you do?

The healing crisis symptoms that you are experiencing is disturbing. Now that you know healing crisis is a good thing, what can you do? 

Don't Take Medications

When you are experiencing healing crisis, the most important thing you want to avoid is taking medications! It will immediately halt and suppress the healing process. In western medicine, a lot of our focus is on suppressing the symptoms we experience. However, that act is actually more detrimental and causes a build up of illnesses at a later stage in life.

If you start medication here, you would have fed your entire effort of curing your lifetime condition to the bin.

Therefore, when a person embarks on natural cures like energetic cage release therapy or blocked qi healing, it is important to be aware of the possibilities of a healing crisis occurring.

What Can You Do During Healing Crisis?

I want to tell you exactly what I did when I had my healing crisis. Before that… this to do list is equally important:

  • Drink plenty of natural water to flush the body, avoid coffee and sodas
  • Take plenty of rest as you may be feeling tired
  • Watch your diet. Eat fresh vegetables and bran instead of junk food like potato chips
  • Symptoms usually disappear after a good bowel movement, so use of enema to provide relief
  • On rare occasions, a reduction of the dosage or temporary cessation may be required to ease the intensity of crisis
  • Exercise is a good way to support detoxification. Walking for 15 minutes is a good start.
  • Just coast in your work and social obligations until you feeling better
  • Lots of sunshine especially on your third-eye (sun-gazing)

Emotional And Spiritual Well-Being

Besides that, looking after your emotional and spiritual well-being is also important:

  • Watch light comedy on TV rather than dark drama
  • You can choose to read self-improvement books
  • You can choose to replace negative beliefs about yourself and others with one that uplift and promote.
  • You can resolve to get more in touch with your core-being by meditating. Here’s one that I recommend to all my clients…

My Personal Solutions

​So besides that list of to dos… here’s what I did.

At the early stages of healing with BQRT, I would always have headaches for about 3 days after the session. Sometimes it was quite unbearable. So, what I did was Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on my headaches. You have no idea how much relieve it was!

So, do EFT on the symptoms that you are experiencing. It works!

At this point, you must be asking yourself why do you have healing crisis.

Clients Testimony

Healing Crisis
"After I did the healing, the pain has gone immediately to my great relief but a few days later it came back... Much to my disappointment. Then he told me I am going through healing crisis?"

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These symptoms and signs indicate that our body is actually clearing toxins and impurities from our system for healing to get off the ground.

Most folks may panic thinking that the treatment is not working.

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