Healing Crisis

Healing Crisis:
Why Are You Experiencing It?

Healing crisis

Healing crisis is also known as Herxheimer’s reaction. These symptoms and signs indicate that our body is actually clearing toxins and impurities from our system for healing to get off the ground.

Dr. John Whitman Ray, the founder of Body Electronics, considered by many to be the most powerful self-healing technique in the world today.

According to Dr. Ray, “the symptoms will begin from within out, in reverse order chronologically as to how the symptoms have appeared, tempered by the intensity of the trauma. The individual will have the opportunity to re-experience each trauma, both physiological and psychological, beginning with the trauma of least severity.”

Hence, long forgotten illness symptoms may suddenly flare up again in the form of a Herxheimer’s reaction.

Most importantly, he states that each illness contains a strong emotional component which needs to be re-experienced during the healing process. If not, healing will be incomplete and the problem will arise again for healing at deeper level.

Healing Crisis Is Good News

What you have to remember is that all these signs and symptoms of healing crisis is good news! It occurs when the vital forces within the body builds up enough strength to handle the healing process.

Remember that our body has a natural mechanism to continuously want to heal itself. Sometimes the environment is so clogged up that it hinders the body from doing so.

One of the major blockage is the toxin build up in our body. It leads to a process called toxemia which causes a manifestation of chronic diseases.

Any Alternative Therapy Can Trigger a Healing Crisis

As it means that we have created a sparkling clean environment for our body to begin self-healing. With the right ingredients and conditions, every body system works together to eliminate all the toxins accumulated even at the cellular level. It sets the stage for regeneration where old tissues are replaced with new. This is wonderful news!

The Dumping Of Toxins Is The Primary Cause

Hence, our body’s ability to naturally heal depends on the ability to create this healing environment therefore, eliminating toxin build up at the cellular level. A gush of these toxins being dumped into our blood stream all at once is the primary cause of the crisis.

As a result, the severity of the symptoms would depend on the amount of this toxins gushing into the bloodstream. More toxins accumulated, results in more release, resulting in more crisis.

The symptoms can be sudden and severe, testing your faith in the process of healing.

What can you do if you have healing crisis?

Clients Testimony

Healing Crisis
"After I did the healing, the pain has gone immediately to my great relief but a few days later it came back... Much to my disappointment. Then he told me I am going through healing crisis?"

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The healing crisis symptoms that you are experiencing is disturbing. Now that you know healing crisis is a good thing, what can you do? 

The most common complain is extreme tiredness or sleepiness. Nevertheless, the signs and symptoms are often times identical to the illness itself. 

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