I Feel Calmer, And I Feel I Am Able To Cope With Stress

Stress anger

Hi… my name is Fatt Soon. I know Dhennver for more than 20 years. Recently, he did an energetic cage release on me.

I would like to say, after he did the release on me, I noticed there is some changes happened to me.

The most significant one will be that I feel calmer, and I feel I am able to cope with stress, with that I am able to meet challenges, and make decisions much faster. Compared to those days before that, when I have stress, sometimes I have sleepless nights. But lately, I don’t have that problem anymore.

Another point is that I noticed (for your information I am a hot tempered person), after I did that release, I felt that I can control my temper in a much faster manner.

So I am glad that Dhennver did that release for me, I thank him and I do recommend if anyone who’d like to do the release, please look for Dhennver. He did a good job.

​Fatt Soon

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