I Have Not Felt Any Soreness Since Then

I have not felt any soreness since then
I have not felt any soreness since then

As a person who’s into sports, I’m always eager to find various ways to improve my performance as well as to prevent or treat injuries.

When I came to know about BQRT, I was keen to try it out. While I did not have any major problems with my body, I did have some small issue with my lower right back with an on and off soreness, and wanted to know whether the problem was due to any blocked qi’s.

After seeing Dhennver, we came to know there’s a blocked qi that is affecting my lower back. While I did not feel an immediate effect after the treatment (as it is a minor on off issue), I have not felt any soreness since then. I would like to thank Dhennver for bringing BQRT into my attention and I hope others would give it a try too!

Runner, Rock Climber and Race Car Driver

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