Initially The Pain Is 8, But After 3 Release, The Pain Decreased To Zero

Back pain

Hi… my name is Soo Hwa. I have back pain since 5 years ago probably during the time when I was pregnant. So, after my delivery I did quite some massaging, even taking a course. But the pain still comes on and off. Even though I take the pain killer, it stops for a few days then it comes back again.

Then one day I met Dhennver, he introduced me to BQRT and I get to know more about BQRT from him. I did once, just once, I can feel the result is really amazing.

Initially the pain is 8, but after 3 release, the pain decreased to zero. So I am very impressed with it. So you may try for this BQRT.

​Soo Hwa

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