Kid Can’t Focus, Day Dreaming

Kid cant focus

When my younger son was in kindergarden, his teacher told me he was always daydreaming and finding it difficult to focus.

This continued till when he was in standard 3 then I decided to move him from SK to an International School. I thought the change would be good since there will be less students per class.

But the feedback from the teachers remained the same. Even at home, he would be easily distracted and struggling to understand when I did revision with him.

He would constantly answer ‘I don’t know’ when asked a question and always felt the need to ask for permission to do something (even to go to the toilet to pee). At 9 years old, he was still wetting himself at night and he was constantly looking for confirmation that he did something right.

Homework….he could take hours to finish it. After an hour, he would have just completed copying two sentences. He would stare at the ruler or a tree without blinking and just space out.

My older kids kept saying that their sibling has ADHD; I refused to accept it. Deep inside, I know he’s a smart boy but he just needs some help.

I listened to my intuition and approached Dhennver and Hui Ling for an Energetic Cage Release for my son.

Fast forward one month after the Energetic Cage Release, I am so relieved that my son is able to independently finish his homework without me having to breath down his neck. He no longer ask for permission to go to the toilet and the bed wetting episodes have stopped.

I can hear him actively participating in class presentations. And he is confidently making decisions on his own.

Thank you, Dhennver and Hui Ling, for this breakthrough. I am amazed by the transformation.

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