Kid Aced Exam After Clearing Exam Stress

Kid exam stress anxiety

My daughter has always been super stressed during her exams since 12. Eczema will break out in different parts of her body or insomnia or anxiety attacks during exam periods. She is 19 years old now and going through her A-levels.

Before her mock exams this time, I seeked for Dhennver and Hui Ling’s help to do an ECR. The first 2 sessions I immediately saw a huge difference in my girl. She is livelier and happier and was not really stuck to her books 24 x 7. She started her mock exams right after 2 ECR sessions and one day after a few papers, she told me “Mom this time when I took the exams I feel so relax and even if I didn’t really know how to attempt the questions I feel ok. When my friends ask me how did it go, I feel ok while they are stress. This is such a good feeling.”

Later after her exams, I told her about ECR that I did for her and she attempted to the last 2 sessions herself. Not only she is so relaxed about her exams, she aced it with 2 A stars and 1 A.

I want to thank Dhennver and Hui Ling for this amazing remedy for my girl and I foresee heaps of realization for her as she does her subsequent ECR sessions herself. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Kids exam stress anxiety
Ko Woan Chyi
Concerned Mother
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