Kid Scores Straight As After BQRT

Kid scores straight as after bqrt
Kid scores straight as after bqrt

Approximately 3 years ago, I was concerned and worried as my eldest daughter was going for her major exam, UPSR. My girl was showing lack of focus and was taking it too casually (or ‘tidak apa’ attitude).

As a mother, I was worried and was wondering how I was going to manage my daugthers’ mental stress. Fortunately, I learnt about BQRT from Dhennver and managed to complete the whole process. Initially, my daughter didn’t show much changes. Nevertheless, gradually over time, I realised my daughter started to do her own revisions after dinner, sometimes, even until late at night.

I told her that I don’t expect straight As from her but I am just glad that she has grown up and is matured as she is taking her own initiative to completing the task.

When the UPSR results announcement came, my daughter scored 7As!

I am taking this opportunity to thank Dhennver as well as BQRT for doing such a good job.


​三年前,为了正要面临upsr的长女而苦恼,因为她总是一 副漫不经心及无所谓的样子。
天下的妈妈都是一样的, 即担心又害怕加重女兒精神上的压力,非常无奈。透过Denver了解了BQRT,作了远程疗愈。
刚开始,女兒表现一切如常。渐渐的发现她开始每晚饭后就开始做複习,有时甚至直到深夜。她的作为真让我感动,不是因为要她考全 A,而是她自动自发的行为,让我觉得女兒懂事了,长大了!
UPSR成绩揭晓了,她拿了7科全 A,真是兴奋。谢谢Dhennver, 也谢谢BQRT。

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