Kid’s Shoulder Pain Disappeared

Kids shoulder pain
Kids shoulder pain

Twelve year old came to me with a shoulder pain. She has been suffering with this pain for several months. Her mother thought it was due to the heavy bag she carried.

Before therapy, the level of pain at the shoulder was 6 (out of 10). After BQRT, she couldn’t locate the pain!

Some interesting events caused Blocked Qi due to emotions like…

  • Horror at 4 years old
  • Worthless at 2 years old
  • Wishy washy at 7 years old

Many clients come with shoulder and neck pain. This is one of the most common symptoms that there is a build up of emotional stress.

We never know how various life events affects us and how our subconscious mind plays them out. BQRT is fast and effective; no needles, medicines, or massage.

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