Life Changing Coaching Program Made Me See Myself In A Different Way​

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I have to admit it.  I didn’t know what to expect when I started the coaching sessions.  I thought 8 weeks was a long time to commit to any program but when the last session approached, I felt a strong sense of bitter sweet.  Sweet because I was elated that I had successfully completed the program with new and valuable insights about myself.  And sad because, well, I didn’t want it to end.

There are two facets to this program.  The program structure itself and the trainer, both of which are equally important.  As a rational and fact-based person, it was important to me that this was not some wishy-washy program where they push their own agendas and propaganda.  But there were no such fears.  The program is extremely structured and starts off with the big picture and slowly, week by week, synthesizes to insights and action plans.  The first few sessions involved digging deep to answer some difficult questions but this led to some startling realizations about myself which influenced the way I behaved for better and for worse.  The program then helped to create support buttresses for me to address and overcome those internal challenges and weaknesses.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have not magically woken up with all my problems gone.  But this program has helped me to see what I need to work on, given me some bite-size actions and accountability, and also the rationalization and courage to make some hard changes.  It is important to note that these realizations were all my own through self-visualization and other exercises we did throughout the entire period.

To the second component of the program: the coach.  I have nothing but gratitude and respect for Dhennver to have to put up with me and my stubborn views.  The program in itself would not be effective if Dhennver were not there to guide me through it, sometimes stern when necessary, but always patient and empathetic.  He understands the nitty gritty details of the programs and adds on his care and concern.  This is extremely important because there are times in the sessions where we are exposed emotionally but he made me feel safe and secure to continue with the journey.  I have no doubts that he wanted the best for me and was vested personally to ensure this.  There were several times he would find other outside programs that he felt would benefit me and would then keep badgering me to attend them.

To summarise, this has been a life-changing program for me.  It has made me see myself in a different (and sometimes less flattering) way which I’m confident is the first step in making some key changes that were detrimental to myself and my relationships.  A lot of work remains but this program has given me a nice and needed push in the right direction.  I definitely recommend this to everyone because no matter where you are, I sincerely believe this will help you gain further clarity and assurance.  And sometimes painful but needed realizations.

Clifford Tan
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