Life Changing Medical Intuitive Guidances

Medical intuition

The energetic cage numbed us from all the problems in our live. So when we started our healing journey with Dhennver and Hui Ling, little did we know, it was a life changing decision. After doing the ECR, we were no longer numbed to all the issues that were affecting us. Truth be told, it was quite an overwhelming experience to discover all the things around us that was affecting us. That’s when we discovered that we are very uniquely sensitive to energies around us. Thank goodness for Hui Ling, we really appreciate how she is always just a call away when we were in dire straits. The scope of work that Hui Ling helps us with in many different ways.

First of all, being a medical intuitive, Hui Ling was very accurate in knowing about the problems we were going through and was able to give us all sorts of advice to fix the problems. To some people, you may not understand the basis of these recommendations but trust me, Hui Ling is able to retrieve information nobody else is able to and her recommendations always works! For example, we didn’t even realise that the house that we were living in had so much dense energy that it was severely impacting us. Who would have guess that all the things that we had accumulated over the years has such an impact to us. This decluttering process was a very tedious process that really tested our patience and courage. 
Hui Ling was always encouraging us and supporting us, without which we would not have been able to pick ourselves back on our feet again and face this challenge. She helped us shift our perspective and we were able to accept that it is all part of our learning and growth along our spiritual path. I really admire her for her compassion and patience. She was truly my strongest pillar of support. 
Secondly, Hui Ling’s healing sessions are just so amazing, don’t be deceived, as it is no ordinary massage. Her pair of magical healing hands could instantly lift heaviness and pain from our bodies and feel emotionally uplifted. Thank goodness that I was able to see her regularly to release and cleanse the trapped negative energies from my energetic body because releasing them early prevents longer term problems. Nonetheless, I must confess, the sessions are never free of screams and yells from the extreme pain, but it’s all well worth it! 
We are eternally grateful to Hui Ling and we really wish to see more lives get transformed by her wonderful healing work, just as how she has transformed our lives to be healthier and a more fulfilling one. 
Medical intuitive testimony
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