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I am so grateful and thankful to Dhennver for guiding and introducing the loving kindness meditation to me. Let me share my experience to you all. Why? My intention is to introduce and help others who are having problems and challenges in relationship at this point of the time. It had changed my life so much that I am always in peace and happy. I wish that you can change your life to a happier and peaceful life like mine now . ❤️Again, thank you Dhennver.

I was haunted by someone who was very close to me. That means there was no way I could vanish in her life or this person can vanish in my life. Therefore, I always avoided her whenever I met her or she came to my house. Thanks to Dhennver. I was introduced by him on this loving kindness meditation. I started practicing the meditation right after the energetic cage therapy from Dhennver. If you have ever meditated with love and kindness meditation , you know that one of the person will be someone that we dislike. So I gave all my love and wish her well in my meditation 🧘‍♀️. Till one day( around six months ) I suddenly aware that all these while I was the one who created the bad feeling and I felt that it was nothing to do with her. I was the culprit!!! At that moment, my bad feeling just disappeared and no longer bothered me anymore. Strangely, I even hardly saw her car 🚗 nowadays, like she just vanished from my world. I can face her now and even talk to her with a very happy and peaceful mind. Do you want to give “ loving kindness meditation” a try ?😊

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Jean Yip
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